No Crossover but @calle13oficial’s Message Was Powerful

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Here I go again with another post dedicated to the Musician and Artist that I mostly admire for his commitment with getting a message from his community to the masses.

Last night @lucymfel indicated that @calle13oficial was going to be on Jimmy Kimmel. Lucy who really initiated my love for @calle13oficial’s music is always watching out for me when he is making an appearance.  I stayed up to watch Jimmy Kimmel and to my surprise Good Old @calle13oficial was able to surprise many by tying his efforts towards things that are very dear to me and to some of his fans of Chile.

I think many of us with blogs can learn a thing or too on how to get our communities voice out.

Yesterday an article was posted where I collaborated along Mr. Nelson Alcantara from to facilitate an interview with the Director Of Tourism. The main purpose of the collaboration was getting to share some of the issues that have been pointed out from the real and online communities I participated directly to  the Puerto Rican Tourism Company management.

“Pal Carajo La Couta”

As I have written previously, the Puerto Rico Government imposed higher fees on students and it has been issue after issue where the government has violated Human Rights.

For those of you that saw his t-shirt that read “Pal Carajo la Cuota” (which translates into hell with the Tuition fee) that is the clear explanation.

“No al Gasoducto”

The next message was geared towards the Gas Line that the Puerto Rican Government wants to construct with the resistance of the people that live near where the line would be constructed. The government has tried to use social media and traditional media to make it look attractive but overall we can clearly see it only benefits the Puerto Rican Electric Authority and poses many environmental risks.

“Patagonia Sin Represas”

The last message he had written on himself was “Patagonia Sin Represas” which goes in line with the official twitter account of that effort @sinrepresas if you want to learn more on the effort feel free to go to the Official Website.

Once again Rene shows he is loyal to his followers and how he makes sure to use the platform he has to give his international community a voice. I would call him an expert in building and maintaining community.

Once again a big applause to @calle13oficial. And if you where not able to read his messages he made sure to scream them out during the performance that I have enclosed in the video below:

Video no longer available


  1. Anonymous on May 12, 2011 at 12:37 am

    I can’t take the credit. I must give that to @Toxic_Lunch for RT the information.

    • Raul Colon on May 11, 2011 at 9:20 pm

      I will make sure to give the Great Toxic Lunch Credit