My Little Brother’s 31st

My brother Javier and I at Mystic Seaport.

My brother Javier is celebrating his 31st birthday. How could I have imagined that we both would be in our thirties. It was just yesterday that we were riding bikes and spending time at the basketball courts.

As kids, he was by my side as my fearless little brother.

Good times at Mystic

He is usually the most courageous one.

Little Brother with A Big Presence

Little, only in height, Javier easily allowed everyone to know he was present. He had a bigger smile, bigger heart, and more courage than most of us.

I have to say that my younger brother helped me build my own courage. He would always believe in me. Especially in moments I thought there was no possible way I could succeed.

From dealing with bullies to a simple basketball challenge, Javier was betting on me to become the victorious one.

There was an occasion where he had some doubts about my ability to win a fight against a bully. He made sure he went and got some help. Our “cousins”, who due to their precarious lifestyle, stepped in to help. Even the bullies were frightened of them.

Javier, Daniela and Me at Mystic Seaport.

Javier, Daniela and Me at Mystic Seaport.

The Best and Most Loyal

Over time, Javier has taken on many roles but one thing he learned early on was to become an awesome and loyal brother.

As a father, uncle, partner, and one of the best employees any company can have, Javier is one incredible human loved by many.

Javier is a lot better at maintaining relationships. He is a lot more tolerant in many areas than I am. As a kid, Javier was a follower on some occasions and a leader in others.

Javier and Daniella being Silly

Daniela and Uncle Javi being Silly

My Little Brother now an Adult

As an adult I have seen my brother take the lead in projects he is working on. Javier always makes sure he keeps those around him that he can trust.

My brother is loyal to his friends and family. Over the years you see how many of them are still around years after they left high school.

I could spend hours sitting here writing about all of his qualities. In past years, I have shared my thoughts for his birthday in these posts:

Tio Javi playing with Daniela and Christopher

Tio Javi playing with Daniela and Christopher

Proud of your Accomplishments

If there is one message I can convey with this post is to let my younger brother know, that he does not need permission from anyone to continue going after his dreams.

That the decisions he has made until now will help him build his dreams. For years he has been building towards his dreams. I suspect he does not even realize how close he is to accomplishing them.

You are an awesome dad, brother, son, and friend.

You have taught me to make the best of every experience.

Happy Birthday and may your 31st year bring you lots of light, happiness, and a clear mind.

I love you brother.

My Nephew Christopher, My brother Javier and me at Mystic Aquarium.

Christopher, Javier and Me at Mystic Aquarium