No Exact Words can Express It!

Javier and Raúl Colón

I can write all day about how I feel about equality is of importance. How I think every human deserves the same rights and opportunities. More importantly how some should appreciate the fact that they were handed those opportunities and make the best of them. Sometimes I become selfish and I realize that I want a select group of people to succeed more than others; better yet I want to give as much as possible so those great humans who have won my heart succeed in life.

When it comes to my list of priorities in life, after my daughter, I have always been in love with this other man and I wish him all the best. I can complain here that I don’t get to talk to him or see him as much as I would want but I guess when I see him and chat with him it makes it a lot more special.

My brother Javier and I were born to the same parents and are only 4 years, 5 months, and 10 days apart in age. When we were kids, Javier being the younger one, would try to get the same privileges as his older brother. For some reason he was sort of given rights at the same time as I was.  Realizing your younger brother just earned a privilege at the same time could have created some sort of belief that it was unfair. Having to wait till I was 12 years old to ride on my bike away from of our block and into the street was one of those memories.

Although I had some confusion on what was fair and what was not, I clearly did not understand the role I was playing.

I was the Team Leader

Looking back I clearly see that since I have always been very strict my mom trusted me into watching over my brother.

Years later I realize that I was brought to this earth to clear a path for my brother. That those few extra years gave us both an advantage and I was able to transfer some knowledge that might be useful to him and the rest of the family.

He was my #1 Fan (might still be)

I guess my younger brother also earned it by wanting to follow my path and be more like his older brother. I think I have done a fair job at setting an example with the best scenarios that were presented to me.

He Saw Superhero Qualities In Me

As kids, my brother would tell others I did certain things better than most of them. The reality was that my brother was truly in love with his older brother and he would see some superhero qualities in me I am sure nobody else could.

I am his #1 Fan

At the age of 33 I have to say that I see superhero qualities in my brother that many others might have seen even before me.

I smile everytime I think of how privileged I am to have such a big fan. Throughout the years I have become an even bigger fan of his in how he approaches life.

True Equals

There isn’t one person who I feel is more like me than my younger brother. With our voices and mannerisms, if we were closer in age, we might seem like twins. Yes we share the same parents, grand-parents, uncles, siblings, and cousins but one thing I truly feel is that we are very passionate towards what we do and when we commit to something we don’t stop until it is finished.

No Brief or Exact Words

As I write these words it is extremely complicated or impossible to express what I feel. But I sure gave it a try and dedicated this writing to one of the few men I truly love.

¡Happy Birthday!

As Javier celebrates his birthday, I can’t explain in words how proud of him I am and how much we love him.

There is no better gift than having a brother like Javier and I am so happy that even my daughter recognizes from far away how awesome her “Tio Javi” is.

Happy Birthday and we love you!

PS: Daniela really enjoys it when Tio Javi combs her hair. Thanks again for being an awesome uncle and brother!

Javier Combing Daniela hair.