Ground Rules Should Equal Air Rules

If You Don’t Allow it On the Ground, Don’t allow it in the Air

After a month of traveling on the #AYCJ & the years I worked for KPMG’s New York office traveling most of the time makes it is easy for me to relate to the following commercials.
@Jetblue is my first choice of travel. Sadly Jetblue did not have as many locations to jet to as it does know. while I was a Road Warrior.  So I guess I had no choice but to travel with the issues that are identified in the following ads made by @jetblue.

On many occasions I was taking a early morning flight and did not have enough leg room. I remember being on one of Delta’s 757’s at the window seat being burned by the Sun while I made it from Hartford, CT to Atlanta, GA.
In 2010 I only flew on another airline (Delta) in March (I could not get a flight from any of the Puerto Rico Airports to the Atlanta Airport) and I ran into the following issues:
  • My carry-on which fits on the @jetblue A320 had to be checked-in which added me an extra $25 (2 times).
  • My laptop case barely fit under the seat in front which made it difficult for me to keep my laptop and other items at Arm’s length.
  • After a tough week of training on my flight back I really wanted to stretch my legs and I could not.
I leave you these humorous and unique ad’s by @Jetblue sending the message that if you would not tolerate it on the ground then why should you allow it in the Air.

These ads are once again unique (another win for the @jetblue social media team) and what better place to have people Speak Up than New York City. A big Thumbs up to @Jetblue.
Have you felt this way traveling on other Airlines?
What other brands are really making a difference in there industry similar to what @jetblue does?
If you want to see the All * Videos Feel free to visit click on the Image below.