Actions are Stronger than Words Fortuño!

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But the reality is politics affect everyone.

I am not a fan of politics as I am true believer that 99% of politicians are influenced and controlled by the 1%.  I also stay away from major media outlets and only go into their websites to search for a particular story.

Like many other folks, I share my opinions on politics online and it makes me realize how some people know and understand very little about the things they are fighting for.

People are so connected and committed to their political parties and beliefs they easily forget about the real reasons governments exist. They easily forget the role we have as citizens to make sure those politicians that were put into power are doing what they promised and are supposed to do.

In Puerto Rico, talking about politics and religion can easily put your well being at risk. I choose to do so because I believe in true freedom and I am willing to accept the consequences. I understand that expressing my political beliefs in the past on this blog (and others) has affected many business deals in a negative way. I rather stay true to myself and continue doing what I think is right than working for something that is completely against my value system.

Watching governor Fortuño talk in front of the US Republican party at the 2012 GOP Convention sparked many thoughts on the lack of attention he has given the real issues locally. I am not a fan of Fortuño because he is not a fan of the people that put him into power. He worries more about meeting the political objectives of the Republican Party than working towards the well being of Puerto Rican residents.

The part that really bothers me is when Fortuño speaks on behalf of Puerto Ricans and continuously lies about how he supposedly improved the local economy. As a person living on the Island and connected to various industries, it is difficult to believe or even harder to see the benefits.

At a moment where crime on the Island is at an all time high, people are leaving the island to search for better opportunities. The backbone of any economy like small businesses disappears daily. The reality of what is going on in the island and what Governor Fortuño has made up in his head is difficult to understand.

As those close to him grab contracts that impact the environment here in Puerto Rico and don’t improve the economical situation, Fortuño goes around playing puppet for the Republican Party trying to grab the Latino Vote.

Seeing his behavior really bothers me and wants to make me register to vote against him for another candidate.

Politicians are known to be liars but Fortuño has shown to be a pathological liar trying to blow smoke up U.S. Hispanics and Latinos so they can vote Republican for the upcoming elections.

As of right now I have to say Fortuño has really made me realize that people will focus on an objective and not look to the side even when their own are suffering. If only he cared a bit more, this Island would be a better place.

So if you are listening to Fortuño please pay attention to his actions not just words.

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  1. Latino Rebels on August 31, 2012 at 9:30 am

    Thank you again, Raúl, for your guest post!

    • Raul Colon on August 31, 2012 at 10:01 am

      Thanks to the effort you guys put every day to have a platform where I can share my thoughts.