Los Molinos & Curet by La Avanzada Y

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Thanks to my high school friend named Lizat Leonardo I was able to find this Internet jewel where you can get the idea of the set up of the Windmill Turbines in Santa Isabel, Puerto Rico. The disruption and occupation of the soil in lands that should be best used for agriculture are evident.

Misinformed about the Vertical Wind Turbine Effects

Based on my last post I have interacted with many individuals that think these windmills will bring progress (some even sent some threats because they did not agree). I am a fan of Emerging Technologies but as I stated in my previous post “Don Quijote, “Molinos,” Health Risks, & Santa Isabel” the biggest issue is that they placed these windmills close to a densely populated area.

Feel free to watch the video below (in Spanish) created by La Avanzada Y  in which they create awareness and constructive critique with humor.


By using humor with the character of “El Obrero Curet” they did a great job with depicting most of the problems these windmills will bring.

The reality is that putting 44+ Wind Turbines near such a densely populated area seems to repeat the history of Puerto Rico where its residents are used as Guinea Pigs.

Another Experiment waiting to go wrong

As I try to raise awareness to what may become another Ecological Disaster similar to the CORCO lands another look at the large structures in awe formulating weak opinions without the minimum effort in researching the pros and cons.

I quite don’t understand how there can be progress when humans are being put at risk. If there are five bad choices, then we should conform to the one that is less damaging.

For those who wonder why the Island Economy stays stagnant, it is tied to making decisions without taking into consideration the long-term effects of our decisions.

Can we continue to allow the destruction of our Island?

If you don’t agree with me on this point, please dig deep into your heart and ask  yourself:

Would you risk the well-being of your loved ones to gain the economical benefit or political power?

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  1. Hector Alfredo MIllan on June 8, 2012 at 11:00 am

    I’m all for advances in tech, especially if it has to do with creating more energy options. Electricity in Puerto Rico es expensive! But theses windmills are extremely close to both residential and agricultural zones. Even the sound frecuencies they produce may scare away local fauna, which may have a negative effect on the nearby farm’s produce. Its the “circle of life” that’s being played with here. Then again, we have been asking for “clean” energy for ages! I guess the developers are in a tough spot. 

    • Raul Colon on June 8, 2012 at 11:50 am

      I would say the developers are in the best spot. They place the windmills make a profit and have others deal with it. Especially those living near by. 

      Searching for solutions that improve our quality of life is critical. 

      But the overall quality of life should be analyzed. Thanks for sharing your point of view Hector!