Going the Extra Mile

Making the Difference

These last few days I have been moving to a new place and also traveling on my #AYCJ JetBlue Pass.I spent the last week at a Disney Resort and started my vacation flying out of Ponce where everything started off great.

I have been on a Easter Egg Hunt for the precious Swag as @mhjohnston (voice of @jetblue) calls it. I have not been able to find the #AYCJ luggage tags but I had the opportunity to receive an #AYCJ button from the Ponce Airport (PSE) gate agent which offered it to me. It was a small gesture but one that meant a lot to me. He sacrificed his button to make a customer happy.

I Proudly Showed Off on my BackPack my Button @ Disney

I Proudly Showed Off on my BackPack my Button @ Disney

I was amazed on how quickly he took of his button and handed it off to me. I was saddened later on because while I tried to show off the #AYCJ Button I lost it at one of Disney’s Parks. Hopefully it is in the hands of another @Jetblue Happy Customer or Advocate like me.

On Sunday, while visiting Disney’s Hollywood Studios I experienced another great gesture by a @Disneyparks Cast Member. The cash register was not working and he could not charge us the items we wanted to Purchase. It did not take him long to let us know that our Items where on the House (in his own words “They are on Mickey today”). I really enjoyed my soft drink and chips a lot more when I heard those words. (It’s not everyday you genuinely get something for free at a Theme Park).

Both of these companies @jetblue and @disneyparks are good examples on how taking care of their customers goes the extra mile. These small gestures make me come back to spend more money in gratitude of the great gestures they have with me as a customer.

Have you had any similar experiences lately?

How many companies would benefit greatly with making these gestures with their clients or customers?

Does an action of great Customer Service Motivate you into coming back?

Does increase the amount of money you spend at that company?