Funkyberry Bringing Community to Isla Verde

Daniela at FunkyBerry

Our Favorite Hangout in Isla Verde

A few times a week, I go with Daniela to our favorite spot to get healthy snacks here in Isla Verde called,  Funkyberry.

Daniela  takes ownership of the place by dancing around and enjoying herself. We also go during times where Funkyberry is not too busy.

The owners Raúl and Carla take care of Daniela as if she were family.

Yesterday Daniela requested her own Açai Bowl for the first time.

Raúl (owner of Funkyberry) suggested one with Strawberries instead of Banana.

Daniela ate every morsel of the her Açai Bowl.  She mentioned multiple times that it was the best Açai Bowl she had tried.

Daniela at FunkyBerry enjoying her Açai Bowl

Why I visit often

There are not many places I visit as often as Funkyberry; if I don’t stop a few times during the week I feel incomplete. It has become part of a routine for us. 

Observing what Carla and Raúl have created makes me a fan of them. Similar to them, when I get involved in a project I look towards making our communities better.

An opportunity to create community is even more attractive.

Eating her Favorite Funkyberry baked Cookies

Eating her Favorite Funkyberry baked Cookies

Oasis in The Middle of a Healthy Food Dessert

I believe Carla Bonelli and Raúl Gutierrez have started an Oasis in a place full of Fast Foods and non healthy options. By offering healthy treats and supporting local businesses, it makes our community stronger.

Supporting Other Puerto Rican Small Businesses.

Funkyberry supports many local entrepreneurs with some delicious creations.

They support locally made delicious Ice Pops and chocolate made from locally sourced cacao. There are even options to have local and healthier soft drinks.

Açai Bowl with Hemp and Chia Seeds

Açai Bowl with Peanut butter, Hemp and Chia Seeds. Frozen Treat

Their “In-House” Delicious Treats

They’ve expanded their options of the delicious smoothies, wraps, and sandwiches. They’re making their own ice cream for the shop. Luckily, the ChocoCoco which is my favorite flavor, is Vegan.

Vegan and Vegetarian Friendly

Funkyberry is vegan and vegetarian friendly. So if you are in Isla Verde looking for something light and healthy to eat, it will be worth walking over to them and having yourself a healthy lunch.

As a Vegan, it’s the first place and closest option when I want a quick and delicious lunch.

Overflowing with Delicious Happiness... The Funky Oats Smoothie at Funkyberry #Vegan #PuertoRico #IslaVerde

Funky Oats

Funkyberry Bringing Community to Isla Verde

We have been visiting Funkyberry since it opened and I feel at home when I am there. It’s the only place I can stop and chat with the owners as if they were long time friends.

I see the progress they have brought to their little space. Little by little, small businesses like Funkyberry will make Isla Verde better.  

If given the support, these healthy and unique local businesses will make the ugly parts of Isla Verde look attractive again.  

The only way that can happen is by supporting local businesses. If you support Funkyberry you will be supporting other local businesses.

There are many creators of awesome local drinks, chocolates, and healthy treats; Funkyberry serves as a hub and marketplace for them.

Stop by say and say hi to Carla and Raúl and invite others to stop by my favorite lunch spot in Isla Verde, Funkyberry.

Funkyberry is located 35 Marginal Villamar, Isla Verde, 00979 Carolina, Puerto Rico.

If you need directions click here. 

Funkyberry Entrance Sign


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  1. Kristen on March 5, 2016 at 1:34 pm

    This place looks amazing! I always love a local business that provides something unique and also brings people together. The fact that they also do vegan / vegetarian is a bonus, too! I’ll put it on my list for when I head back to PR 🙂