My Return to San Juan’s Organic Farmer’s Market

Vegan Argentinian Empanadas at Mercado Organico.

Last time at was at the Farmer’s Market was on January 2014.

My good friend and colleague Yamil sort of inspired me to return.

New Vendors and Old Friends

It was great to see new farmers and vendors. But even greater to spend time with Martin and Itegue. It is admirable to see the hard work these two talented and brilliant individuals. There are not enough words to describe the many talents they have. With a few words I can describe they are experts in holistic nutrition, musicians, farmers, and creators of the most delicious and nutritional liquids you can imagine.

Let me not forget that they are also some awesome parents bringing up three kids in the Puerto Rican countryside.

Inspiring  Small Business Owners and Organic Farmers

Living on the Island is not easy. Running a small business is even harder.

Seeing Martin and Itegue going at it and collaborating with other vendors and even family members is inspiring.

Going to the market is an example of the representation of the many who are behind the scenes.

Those unsung heroes who sacrifice great things and luxuries so individuals like me can eat organic and fresh foods.

I am very grateful to call Martin and Itegue my friends.

Long Lines for Vendors at Farmer’s Market

On the island it is not common to see long lines for pretty much anything. Seeing a long line at a farmer’s market makes the vegan in me smile.

I am also glad to see long lines especially for one of the farmers Marcelino Rivera. I know Marcelino has given a lot to the local farmers communities in many ways. From donating his time to build the group of farmers a website to serving as mentor. For me, it is common to find Marcelino supporting local small businesses around the San Juan Area.

One of his many projects is called Gallinas Urbanas. He is breeding free range chickens. While he was setting up, there was a long line of customers waiting to get either the eggs he brings (they sell out quickly) or the baby chicks which he sells so other farmers and households can have their fresh eggs. I was happy to see someone who is another hard worker having a long line of clients waiting for his Gallinas Urbanas.

Chicks from Gallinas Urbanas. Marcelino Rivera.

Delicious Argentinian Organic Vegan Empanadas

I also had the chance to taste some delicious organic, vegan, Argentinian empanadas. Just typing that long title made me laugh. You can’t go wrong when you mix vegan, organic, and empanada.

As a kid, my closest friends Mauricio and Joseph where Argentinian. Early in my life, I fell in love with their culture. It has been a while since I had an authentic Argentinian Empanada. The fact that the empanada was vegan, made it an even better find.

Miguel from Buenos Aires has a vast selection of empanadas. What I really like is that all his options are vegan. I will be ordering a few dozens soon from Miguel. If you want to order some Authentic Argentinian Empanadas, feel free to contact him at (787)362-9097.

Nutritional and Yummy Picolé Ice Pops

There is nothing better than a refreshing Ice Pop when the warm temperature hits mid-morning at the market.

Even better when the ingredients in those ice pops have been combined in a medley of flavors that will impress any sophisticated palate.

I met Marien Alvarez the creator of Picolé thanks to the awesome folks over at Funkyberry here in Isla Verde.

Marien has the most delicious and probably healthiest ice pops I have tasted. It is normal for me to go to Funkyberry and eat at least two of Marien’s creations.

Today I got to try ChocoMex Ice Pop. ChocoMex’s ingredients include Coconut Milk, Cinnamon, Local Cacao from Aguada, and Cayenne. The taste of Cayenne was the extra touch that made me feel like I was having an advance cocktail in a high end bar.

I also ate the refreshing Guanabana Ice Pop mixed with Yerba Buena, and Lemon.

I enjoyed seeing many families around the Roosevelt Plaza enjoying their Picolé Ice Pops.

Marien crouching down to go through her delicious options with a younger customer.

I have to say that making it to el Mercado and investing time with some great folks made this an awesome Sunday.

Not only did I get a chance to support some hard working entrepreneurs, I also got a chance to have a healthy and delicious brunch.