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I am vegetarian and my options for eating out in Puerto Rico are limited. Yesterday I took a few hours off of work and we went to eat at my favorite Vegetarian cafeteria(which is an 80 minute drive up to San Juan). It had been months since my last visit but once I made my way through the front door, Nora the owner of Veggie Fruity, greeted my family as if I was a regular.

Veggie Fruity, a place I reviewed on Veglatino many months ago, has become my favorite cafeteria on the island. In Puerto Rico finding a good vegetarian meal is almost as difficult as hitting the daily number jackpot. I am very glad I was referred to this place while in a business meeting.

Nora has a unique way of greeting her customers. She projects lots of positive energy and like we say here, cariño. Another thing that is hard to find is a place with good customer service. Once you step into Veggie Fruity, you will understand how every customer experience should be.

I really think  Veggie Fruity stands out from many other places for the following reasons:

Surplus of Smiles

You go to a business like Costco and you barely get a hello. The greeter just wants to see your I.D. You go to Veggie Fruity and there are smiles everywhere from Nora, her daughter, and niece who help her run this awesome family business. They are all smiling and willing to help you with your  meal choices.

Commitment to Service

They are very service oriented and committed with each customer turning it into pleasurable experience once you walk in the door. Different to many other restaurants and cafeterias, you don’t have to hail down a waiter to get water or you have them take your order,  at Veggie Fruity the energetic staff goes around trying to make sure you feel at home.

They sell by pulling not pushing

Instead of offering you stuff like in many other places where the daily special is recited to each and every customer (like it was a recorder) here they are listening to what you want and making sure to create more opportunities to provide you the best meal options.

Subject Matter Experts

Other places that serve vegetarian food, usually have their staff just serve food and the conversation is kept to the order and sometimes a thanks. Talking with Nora I learned so much with the first minutes of speaking to her about the concept of the store and why the place was called Veggie Fruity. Nora understands eating well a lot better than I do which is perfect because every time I visit I learn something new. Nora’s wealth of information regarding proper eating is useful for all of us.

They pay it forward

Nora makes sure to give customer’s in her store a 30-second elevator sales pitch of my blog Veglatino. I really appreciate that she tries to get more people to know about my efforts. She is always very grateful when I stopped by and I am very grateful to have a place like Veggie Fruity to have awesome meals.

Nora is a  Connector

Every time I go to Veggie Fruity Nora makes sure to connect me with her loyal customers. She has very loyal customers because she treats her customers like if they where old friends. She gains their trust and has created a place for vegetarians to share their ideas.

Although Nora owns one of the few places where you can eat 100% vegetarian and you will not be offered fish or meat, (there is none of that there) Nora still makes it a unique experience. I love visiting Veggie Fruity and if you are in San Juan and want to try out a good vegetarian place to have lunch with smoothies, stop by Veggie Fruity and say hi to Nora let her know Raúl sent you.


Veggie Fruity

1558 Ave. Ponce de León
Near Francisco Arriví Theater
San Juan, Puerto Rico 00909
(787) 531-2502



  1. Prometeo on July 23, 2011 at 5:30 pm

     A place where they treat you as a friend is better than one that only treats you as a customer. Veggie Fruity sound like a nice place to be and buy. 

    • Raul Colon on July 23, 2011 at 5:36 pm


      It is an awesome place to visit and have lunch… Let me know when we can meet up! 

    • Anonymous on July 23, 2011 at 5:48 pm

      Michael we went in the and she let out such a happy greeting because she had not seen us or the baby in awhile. The energy she emits is so positive. The knowledge she imparts about her business is golden!