Great Vegan Food & Venue at Kona Grill San Juan

Kona Grill [ pad thai noodles ]

One of the many things I hear when I leave the Island is how challenging it can be to find Vegan food in Puerto Rico. Over the years I have found my way around some unique places. Most of them are usually not close to where I live and there aren’t many. New Place Managed…

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San Juan’s Vegan Friendly Asian Bistro

Lamp at Sogo

Finding a regular restaurant that caters to Vegans in Puerto Rico can seem impossible at times.  Same reason why I go to vegan/vegetarian food venues or we eat at home. It’s truly hard for me to walk into a place and ask them to make me a vegan option because on most occasions, as hospitable…

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Getting into the Spirit of Running

Since August 2010 I stopped going to the Gym continuously and have not returned. I got so used to working out with an awesome personal trainer and my good friend Pedro, I know for a fact that I will not get the same results I get when I train with him when I train on…

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Jimmy Kimmel Pokes Humor at Puerto Rico’s Politics

Iguanas in Puerto Rico have become a serious problem since they are originally from Central America and not indigenous to the area. Given the lack of predators, it has they have become a pretty serious problem on the island since there our eco-systems have no way of controlling them. It is fairly common to see…

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