Are Your Family Values the Same as Your Business Values?

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One of my biggest concerns these days as a New Dad is keeping the same type of commitment with my new daughter Daniela that I normally give my clients and their efforts. Thinking about my commitment it occurred to me that maybe more business owners should align both value systems.

Yes I know there are exceptions but I am talking more about those norms and rules that  should be the same on both sides.

Raising Responsible Children = Building a Responsible Team

Most parents thrive to raise responsible children. But how many business owners are committed to having a responsible team. Different to our children and family members which we don’t get a chance of evaluating them before creating a relationship, we do get a chance in choosing people who will join our team. I sincerely think that you need to identify those responsibility traits in the recruiting process of your candidates. After identifying the right candidates who seem responsible you need to create an atmosphere that inspires responsibility.

Manners & Morals

The same manners and morals you apply in your family should be applied in your business efforts. From table etiquette to phone manners their should be no difference in the way you act towards your clients, team members, and other stakeholders. Think of how you would improve your relationships taking this approach. What manners should be the same in all relationships? Do you think any should be different?

Focus on Money

Many family problems are aligned to money issues. The same applies in business if you are only focused on making money from your clients or resources you will end up having issues. Focus on nourishing your relationships and being loyal to your efforts and the money will follow.

Support & Encouragement

When your family members run into an issue your nature is to be there for them. If you do the same with your clients, stakeholders, and team members you will create closer relationships. Always support does individuals that need help and encourage positive behavior.

If you are successful at finding a balance or equality in values in your personal life and business life you will create great experiences. Just as you would create family traditions you might be able to repeat successful projects and maintain long term business relationships.

Can you identify more qualities where it is key to maintain the same values with Family as with business acquaintances?

Why not treat everyone like family?


  1. Prometeo on January 15, 2011 at 5:39 pm

    Treating everyone as family is the basis for good solid relationships. It’s es interesting the part where you mention the focus on money. I know of cases where someone loses his goal in life because making money gets on the way. If making money is in itself a goal the persons is not going to be happy because the more you ave the more you want and the more afraid you are to lose it.

    t’sbeen a While since I was visited this blog. The RSS feed got messed up some how but it’s already fixed. Good job on the remodeling..

    • Raul Colon on January 17, 2011 at 1:19 am

      I really think the RSS Feed is still not working trying to get it going. Thanks for the compliments.

      I agree with you many people focus on money for everything and they end up not focusing on their lives.

      Thanks again for visiting and commenting.