Where do you share content?

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Many weeks ago a person came to me asking me how he could automate his social networks. What he really wanted to do was automate promoting his stuff via social networks. It would be ideal to not press any buttons and have his stuff all over the web so people can find out where he will be singing at, find out about his new songs, where to buy his new work, where to buy tickets for his events, and all the other good stuff (that sounds very interesting to him).

Resistance to the Social Part

The biggest problem was that he wanted to use social media channels and he was resisting being social.

Everyone wants to share their accomplishments, they’re writings, and in many occasions more information than I would like them to share. Many people share their own stuff over and over again forgetting that there is so much to learn from others.

I personally like to share content that I find relevant on various platforms. To be more specific I am involved in various communities and forums like the following:

Small Business Info

Kitchen Table Companies: If I find relevant information on small business I go ahead and share it with my Small Business Advisory board over at Kitchen Table Companies. It is the perfect place to find content you would like to dig in deeper for your business. The other advantage that the individuals inside KTC are big supporters of other members and will always gives you their point of view.

Puerto Rico

Friends of Puerto Rico: For about three years I have been collaborating with Ramon Morales (@guarionex88) on a LinkedIn group where we discuss things that are relevant to Puerto Rico. We touch many subjects from economics, business, to even the current political status of the island. Many of us including myself are very passionate about the subjects we discuss on that forum and it is a place to see if someday we can get our Island on track.

Online Safety for Children

PapaHeroes.com: As a new dad and IT Security professional for many years overall online safety concerns me. Myself along @ricklipsett we set up this blog to make sure adults learned a bit more on how to protect kids from the many lurking risks offline and online. We also share parenting tips but that is the place where #TheAlliance shares their thoughts.

Vegetarian Lifestyle

Veglatino.com : Given how difficult it is to be Hispanic, Latino, Puerto Rican, and also vegetarian I decided to make it easier for people by sharing thoughts on being vegetarian from me and many other Latino’s. We make sure we share recipes with some “sabor”, experiences on being vegetarian, restaurant reviews, and other content that can help others eat less meat.


Twitpuerto.com : Initially set-up so people could get a better understanding of what twitter was. I have mostly abandoned these projects because of lack of time but I have shared some good tutorials on using twitter, which might be useful for many of you.

Social Media

CIMAPR.NET : We are currently creating content in English and Spanish that might be useful for many that want to stay up to speed in social media. We are trying to convert most of the English content into Spanish. We have a small business resources page where we share tutorials and information that should be useful for any business.

Latino Issues

Latinorebels.com : We share Latino issues with a twist of humor. A good group of individuals is collaborating together on creating awareness on many of these issues that many times are silent.

Everything Else

I share most of the things I find relevant on various platforms. Many of the things I share in the online locations mentioned above are then share with my contacts in LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and now Google +.

Overall I like to over share but I make sure that I share many of the great stuff from others.

Where do you share your thoughts and things you find relevant on the Internet?

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  1. Kofla Olivieri on August 9, 2011 at 1:41 pm

    Nowadays, anyone who wants or needs to promote a product have to use social network sites. Since I am not a business owner, one of the only reasons I use Twitter and Facebook is to promote my blog. Which no one reads, lol Apaprently, in Puerto Rico unless people present controversial topics, gossip or drama, bloggers seem reluctant to interact in blogs.
    Kofla @ God of War Diaries

    • Raul Colon on August 9, 2011 at 2:03 pm


      Thanks for leaving a link to your blog. I guess the fact that there is so much content out there so little time makes many of us want to visit blogs more often (especially those blogs that keep me informed like yours). 

      I have to agree with you on what most Puerto Rican’s are looking for the same reason why I try to create as much content as possible that steers us away from that. 

      My good friend  (http://undodigital.blogspot.com/2011/08/la-disidencia-segun-rick.html) wrote a post today that I recommend you to read also. Very thought provoking! 

      I guess to promote your blog you are doing the right thing I always see you commenting and exchanging ideas you are on the right track. I write a lot and most of the time I feel like you but when someone like you comes in and shares there thoughts here it makes me smile. Thank you!