Understanding Ourselves

Raúl Colón Auto Portrait Sunrise

When we think about describing ourselves in private it seems complicated.

Having to describe yourself to someone else or in public becomes even more complicated.

How many times have you had someone ask you to describe yourself and it becomes difficult?

What do we describe about ourselves?

When asked to describe themselves, many people have a different description than what many of us see. Who are we to judge if that person is right or not?

Just because we can read someone’s posts online and run into them every few months does not mean we know them that well.

We know ourselves better than anyone.

Yet we sometimes struggle with being able to describe ourselves.

I run into the same situation pretty often. Just until a few years ago, I had people describing who I was in High School. Their only reference is what they remember almost 20 years ago.

I have a way of seeing myself and understanding what I can do for others but those others might not see it.  They just don’t feel it’s appropriate for me to help them out etc. I can only blame myself for doing such a poor job at having them understand what I do.

A Brief Explanation is not that easy for me

I struggle all the time to describe in a brief way what I do. Those that know me well, understand how long winded I can be at times.

As I work on different projects I realize that it becomes even harder to describe what I do. If I had to tell you in one sentence what I am doing right now, it would be building websites and consulting on making those websites work.

As I write that sentence I know I am missing out on so many aspects of what we offer over at Limonade Inc and other personal projects.

How can we fix it?

There are books and assessments like Sally Hogshead that help you see how the world sees you. But even with an assessment, it can be a challenge to apply all that knowledge to how you promote yourself. The challenge comes from us making the time. We need to take the knowledge we receive and put it into practice.

Where do we make a difference?

It’s even more difficult seeing where we can make a difference. How can we help everyone move forward with their projects?

As you read this I wonder what do you think I do best?

Is it the photos I share or just having someone to give you a different perspective.

It would mean a lot for me to get a quick one or two lines on what you appreciate from what I create.  You can send them below.

Helping Those that are Present

Lately I have been stuck in what I need to do next to help those that are there for me always.

Especially those that decided to share your email address with me with the purpose of being able to contact you directly in your inbox.

A few of you already gave me the feedback of how you thought I could help.

Here is what I am offering:

Those are two things I can quickly think of that provide value.

How can we work together?

I would also like to know how You might be able to be part of my extended team.

I am constantly hiring contractors to help me on projects. Can you send me a line or two of what you think you do best?

If you have a hard time with that maybe in an exchange of emails I can help you describe it. Go ahead feel free to say hi and share your thoughts I am here waiting.