One of our first projects when we decided to build our own business was creating a job board. One of the first services we provided was a Resume Writing and Review service.

The past few days I have gotten some requests from folks to review resumes and their Linkedin profiles. For that reason I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to help those that are seeking a better opportunity but are not ready to go on their own.

Let our Resume Professionals do the Heavy Lifting

We will help you organize your previous employment information to make it attractive for any user.

Fact check review to make sure all your information is updated.

Help you prioritize and decide what you should include and remove from your resume.

An easy to follow outline to help employers browsing your resume find what they need.

A proven style that works.

Areas of the Resume we will optimize and improve:

  • Job Titles: Making sure you are using the appropriate terminology that will land you an opportunity. For example saying you are in Accounting is true but mentioning you where the Senior Manager at the Firm’s Bookkeeping practice might be more effective.
  • Straightforward language: Don’t use flowery wording on your resume. Hiring managers want you to explain in the most brief way possible why you are the best fit for the job.
  • Keywords: Words like “team player” and “self starter” might sound good to you on a resume, but consider if they’re cliched. Tired or over-used keywords can lose you a job. We will make sure those keywords are a fit towards what hiring managers are seeking.
  • Format: We will lay out your personal contact information followed by education and then job experience.
  • Tone: Our resumes have a formal writing style. Using full sentences and proper grammar, we will make sure that your resume never becomes informal.
  • Font: Our experience working on hundreds of design projects will help you select an appropriate text style for your resume.
  • Length: Depending on you years in the work force, we will keep your resume to one page, or two pages if absolutely necessary.
  • Unique: We will find the best way to list personal awards or achievements, if they’re applicable to the job.
  • Bullet points: If given the choice of writing a paragraph or making a list, it’s easier for employers to read through quickly.
  • Proofread: We will check over your resume at least twice, and have multiple team members read it after that.  We will make sure we catch mistakes before handing it out to potential employers, who won’t be forgiving of errors.

Overview of Offers

We are no longer offering resume writing packages. We have teamed up with to have them create your resume. The resume will be created by a proven resume professional. Click here to start your Professional Resume. 


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