Too Rigid for Creativity

Image drawn in Sand of Elmo

For the past 5 years I have moved myself towards working with my creative side. I can confess that I got tired of the corporate performance evaluations, the internal politics, the corporate external politics, and everything that has to do with being the ideal corporate employee (if there is one.)

Too rigid for me

Working for CPA Firms like KPMG and as a Department of Defense Contractor with American Systems as part of their IT Security Practice, I have moved away from rigid structures to having more flexible structures and more creation.

A Structure Should be Your Skeleton

So many of us live our lives creating rigid structures but not building upon it. Structures serve as a skeleton and should not be the outside of everything you do.

I’m Unemployable

About 5 years ago I made decision that I needed out from being an employee and as my friend Jeff Pulver would explain it I realized I am unemployable.

Less Rigidity More of A Mix

I have noticed how mixing many disciplines of my diverse background has helped me appear very different from those who I compete with when it comes to what I do for a living.

In the past few months I have launched and re-launched the following websites:

The privilege of working with teams of individuals with diverse background enables us to oreplicate their offline presence  with one online; we do this well.

Although each individuals roles might have been defined in one or two jobs, on each project we were all able to synch and get the product right because we understand each others roles a bit better.

The harmony of the team moving towards the same goal can be a big win for me and for my clients.

Which makes me ask one question, why do many people want to work with people that think like them?

Fusions can Be Entertaining and Educating

Since I shared a bit of my past experiences of working with diverse teams, I wanted to put the spotlight on someone I met. Several months ago the musician and educator Ignacio Peña and his partners invited my family and I to see one of the presentations of “The Great Planet Earth Debate” .

Very Impressed

I was highly impressed with how Ignacio used music, visuals, science, and other disciplines to create a unique and entertaining learning experience.

The Opinion of Other Educators

Here are the reactions of Teachers who went through the same experience that I did.

Support Ignacio

So if you are like me, always searching for fun ways for everyone especially the kids to learn, go to one of his presentations.

He is also raising funds to make this material available for educators, so feel free to visit his site for more information.