Too Much Fun Not Enough Work

Photos of Raul Colon Web Developer Puerto Rico

I live on an island where fun is priority #1 for many. Given how Puerto Rico has been a colony for centuries many individuals have thrown in the towel in helping Puerto Rico progress towards a better future and have decided that they need to have fun and forget about the rest. Many people consider that every day you should have fun by:

  • Going out for Drinks
  • Going to the Beach
  • Having a Day off
  • Being Able to Relax

Don’t get me wrong who does not like to have fun and the items on the list above I like to do occasionally. I personally love having fun and that is why I have made huge sacrifices to make sure I have fun at everything I do. To many of you some of the things I do might not be fun because I am more focused on learning, growing as a person, and building something that can sustain my family long term.

Being a small business owner sometimes keeps you away from doing any of the above-mentioned items for long periods of time. Given that I hardly go out for drinks because I want to have my mind as effective as possible without slowing it down, I hardly have time to go to the beach, and I hardly take days off or relax because business is not where I like it to be I look for things that make me enjoy my day.

I try to reach certain goals every day like writing at least 3 blog post drafts a day, two proposals a week, learning something new every day, trying to do a better job at managing my time, and making sure I spend quality time with my 7 month old daughter by feeding her and being their for her. Overall I have to say I really enjoy when I accomplish something and get to do something to make my self a better person.

Working hard opens doors

By working hard I have had the opportunity to do many fun things like being able to sit down with the people I admire and communicate online and have a lunch while being paid for the experience, I get to read books on my favorite business subjects that I received from the authors so I can review without having to pay for them. I have gotten to meet a lot of interesting people who have seen the efforts I run online and are there to support me in difficult times. There are many other factors where my hard work has translated into fun.

A Huge Disconnection

I see many people complaining on how bad they have it and things are not working well. But on the other side there priorities are having fun before trying to fix the problems. They find it easier to ignore the issues that need to be fixed and drink or party there days away.

In my case I battle against time and try to make the most out of it. I can’t have fun if I know I have responsibilities that need to be met. Before I became a business owner I use to have a better balance on having more fun which I am working towards in the future by working harder now.

As of the moment I love what I do at CIMA IT Solutions I like creating websites, being part of creations of new images for companies and brands, and most importantly helping them get closer to their communities in a positive and friendly way. Many just see when I get a privilege to enjoy myself every once in a while but it takes a lot of discipline to reach many of those neat perks I receive.

How do you balance making sure you are exceeding your goals while having fun? 

photo credit by puer.aeternus