Experimenting. A Solution to Analysis Paralysis

Vivero Llanos de Coamo

I love taking experimenting with new things and taking risks.  Like every other person when I take a risk of doing something new, I know there is a probability of failing. However that does not stop me from trying out new things. The older I get the more I realize that to achieve results you…

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Too Much Fun Not Enough Work

I live on an island where fun is priority #1 for many. Given how Puerto Rico has been a colony for centuries many individuals have thrown in the towel in helping Puerto Rico progress towards a better future and have decided that they need to have fun and forget about the rest. Many people consider…

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Number One Dime

We all have something we value and cherish. It can be  something of sentimental value that can get us thinking of a neat experience in the past. Many business remember the first dollar they made and will frame it as a momento for their clients to see. This act is similar to Uncle Scrooge’s Number…

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Popularity Vs. Success! Do they go Together?

New York CIty Columbus circle

We had a great opportunity on Kitchen Table Companies (affiliate link) to talk to @ChrisBrogan and ask questions via Ustream a few days ago as part of the #KTCOH (Kitchen Table Companies Office Hours). One of the things @chrisbrogan touched upon was the difference in trying to be popular and being succesful. I have been trying…

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Success is Not having to Cut the Grass!

Every day I see so many people that have a different perspective on what it means to be successful. Most of them are pretty consistent on tying success to making more money. Some of them even worry me because they are willing to do things that go against their own values to achieve those goals.…

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