Thousands at March and Vigil Against Naled in Old San Juan

Every March the Crowds Get Larger

Today I went to my third March against the CDC using Naled on the Island.
There is a jolt of energy when you unite with the many thousands present for one cause.

Arriving at the March

I got there via Taxi cab and was left right in front of the Plaza Colón. There, I quickly saw friends and partners in social and environmental activism.
This being the third march I am attend, I was extremely happy to see how the crowds keep growing.

In Just A Few Weeks Opposition Has Grown Against Naled

The opposition on Naled has Grown Significantly. Here is my first blog post on this topic just a few weeks ago where many were skeptical on the dangers of Naled. Some went after me on Twitter calling me everything in the books including Crazy.

It is clear that the many experts in different industries don't see Naled as a Safe solution for Zika.

What made the crowd grow?

First, the government's shady way of handling a Naled Shipment arriving on the Island pissed off even more people today.

Second, The EPA changing their website to make Naled seem less of a danger.

After that, many that decided to go to the streets and protest.

Health Experts, Celebrities and Politicians were present

From the President of Puerto Rico Surgeons and Physicians Association to Grammy Award Winning Artist Rene (Residente) from Calle 13. They were all there to show solidarity against Naled.

Throughout the crowd I saw Carmen Yulin and Rafael Bernabe again showing support.

Independent candidate Alexandra Lugaro was also present amongst the crowd.

Small Business Owners like Myself

Business owners from my favorite Vegan Friendly Restaurant were present too.  It's great to find a way where activism and entrepreneurship work together to build a better future.

Continue Building the Momentum

We must keep up the fight and make sure Naled is not used in Puerto Rico.

What is your position regarding Naled?

Here are some of the images I captured in today's march.

Please Sign the Petition

It just takes a few seconds. I already signed the petition. It's pretty simple if you have questions feel free to ask.

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