Dear U.S. we are not Your Damn Experiment! #Naled

We are not your Fucking Experiment

Have they sprayed us With Naled Already?

That was the first question I saw being asked this morning online. 

I wake up to reports that a large amount of bees and other insects were spotted dead. According to XposedMagazine on Facebook, this happened after a military plane flew over my home town of Ponce. 

This makes many of us think they already sprayed us. The U.S. is not known for asking for permission when they are running experiments much less in a territory that has been their testing ground since they invaded in 1898. 

Fumigarnos es Activarnos, Preparense

Protest Against Naled Aerial Spraying at Departamento de Salud

Yesterday I spent part of my day at a peaceful protest. The objective was to make the Local Government and CDC understand that the community is against the fumigation of Naled on the the Island.

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What is Naled?

According to the EPA:

Naled is an organophosphate (OP) insecticide that has been registered since 1959 for use in the United States. It is used primarily for controlling adult mosquitoes, but Naled is also used on food and feed crops, and in greenhouses. When applied in accordance with the rate of application and the safety precautions specified on the label, Naled can be used to kill mosquitoes without posing unreasonable risks to human health or the environment.

I love the fact that even the EPA mentions it poses a risk. The definition of "unreasonable" is very subjective. I would have preferred a more objective definition.

The EPA registers pesticides under Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA). In addition, EPA periodically reevaluates pesticides to ensure their safety in light of new scientific and regulatory information.

If you click on the button you can see that Naled has been under review by the EPA Since 2009.

Scary Facts about Naled

If you dig a bit further you can see these scary facts posted throughout different reliable sources on the internet:

  • Naled is the most toxic of the mosquito adulticides and is the only mosquito adulticide in class 1, the highest toxicity, with the signal word "Danger".
  • Naled is the only one that states in its label: inhaling can be FATAL.
  • Naled is corrosive to the skin and eyes and may cause permanent damage.
  • Once in the bloodstream, Naled may cross the placenta.

I find it interesting that folks have been scared about the health effects of ZIKA for an expectant mother.

But, it's ok to spray something in the air that can hurt the mother. Naled can also transfer to the baby via the Placenta and can cause health issues.

If you want a complete list of the risks, Feel free to look at this factsheet provided by the EPA. But, pay close attention to the wording used in the factsheet.

So with that choice of words, the EPA is acknowledging the danger of  Naled. They may be trying to sugar coat the real impact with some strategic word choices.

Video of the Demonstration by Encuadre

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Vargas Vidot of Iniciative Comunitaria
Vargas Vidot of Iniciative Comunitaria

The protest had folks from all walks of life.

I saw chiropractors, physicians, graphic designers, entrepreneurs, and two politicians including the mayor of San Juan.

Those boots are used for cultivating some of the food we eat. The same boots she uses to look for justice and protect our rights. Frances you and your family are an inspiration.
Those boots are used for cultivating some of the food we eat. The same boots she uses to look for justice and protect our rights. Frances you and your family are an inspiration.

Many Local Organic Farmers Were Present

The biggest concentration of folks at the protest were many of the local Organic Farmers.

I have purchased crops from many of them to use on my table to feed my 5 year old daughter.

I have been following the body of work of many of these farmers. They happen to be some of the smartest folks on the Island. They also choose to use their brains and dedicate their lives to feeding us in a more organic way.

Many of them took a full day off of their busy schedule from the farm to protest the spraying. Most of the folks that were at the protest were not retirees or individuals who don't have jobs.

Reaching in for the hug... Organic Farmers unite.
Reaching in for the hug... Organic Farmers unite.
When there is a big heart no obstacle can stop you from following and supporting what you believe in. 

Naled Aerial Spraying Protest at Departamento de Salud

Speak Up, Be Present, and Ignore the Excuses

Most of us, including myself and my strategic business partner Yamil, own our businesses. Taking time out is a sacrifice. We also need to keep our businesses running to make sure we can earn a living.

But we all understand the threat Naled brings to our families. So we decided to go and protest in front of the Department of Health in San Juan.

It won’t matter how hard we work if we ignore a threat to our loved ones.  

[For his Future Please CDC and the Federal Government Stop! ]T

Great Lesson for the Little Ones

The fact that most of the folks at the event have kids meant they had to arrive with their whole families. These kids are getting an early lesson. They are learning what it means to stand up for ourselves and the entire island when things present a threat to us.

To make sure kids understand that they all have a voice, as parents, we have to be proactive. There were complete families marching and picketing along their kids.

It is a complete change from what my dad would have done. My dad was part of the Puerto Rican Independence Movement.

During the 70's my dad was followed around and harassed for his beliefs. There was secret police and federal agents following anyone who spoke against the U.S.

For that reason my Dad might have been a bit hesitant to take me to a protest. He probably did not think it was a safe place for me.

Naled Aerial Spraying Protest at Departamento de Salud

A Very Organized Way of Protesting

But yesterday's protest was a peaceful one. Most of the folks there have been making things change for the better on our island.

The organizers had the safety of everyone as a priority. It was interesting to see the good work these folks put into a great cause. The fact of how well they did it, made it clear they have been doing this for ages.

“Alerta Pueblo si no fumigan hoy! Fumigan Mañana!

THE CDC using Twitter for Damage Control

Once I got back from the protest I brought up a few photos and tweeted out to the CDC asking them to reconsider.

So the CDC responded with some template tweets trying to let us know that Naled is Safe. The same tweets were sent out to many and no substance was there to back up their statements.

CDC Canned Responses to My Tweets

CDC Canned Responses to Others

See the other responses via twitter's search function.

Is the CDC using Puerto Rico as a Testing Ground for Naled?

There are rumors that the CDC once again is using the Island as a Guinea Pig. They want to use Naled here in case they have to apply it in a U.S. Metro Area just like the many experiments done in the island.

Through the decades many Puerto Ricans have been put at risk for the well being of Large Corporations. Many experiments have been done on the island.

A quick list includes:

  • Nuclear Reactor prototypes
  • Vaccinations
  • Birth Control tests on Women
  • Radiation Experimentation

This is just to name a few and I will include more examples in another blog post.

Organic Farmer Daniel from Siembre Tres Vidas with a sign that might solve two problems with one simple Effort.

Puerto Rico is Heavily Taxed in many ways.

There are many who are ignorant and believe Puerto Rico pays no taxes. The reality is we do pay taxes with the men and women, that like myself, served in your Armed Forces. There have been generations of people exposed to experiments so those in the U.S. don't have to be at risk.

We have been taxed with our people's well being. That does not mean we don't pay Federal Taxes.

Puerto Ricans pay the same amount of FICA taxes (Social Security and Medicare)

But we don't have the same benefits when it comes to Medicare.

Juntos fumigamos a la Junta

Do some Research Yourself

So before you sit down and think that we are making things up, you can go around the internet and search yourself.

Just type into, Google Experiments done in Puerto Rico.

  • Cornelius P. Rhoads
  • Atrocities Committed Against Puerto Rico by the US
  • US government experiments gone wrong
  • Puerto Rico Contraceptive Trial
  • US Government experiments on humans
  • Human Medical experiments in Puerto Rico

You might be surprised with everything that can be found.

¡Basta Ya! No más Experimento para Puerto Rico

How can you help?

I ask you for one big favor; can you ask the CDC, our Governor, and the U.S. President not to fumigate us.

Click on any of the social buttons below; it should be as easy as one or two clicks.

For now, we need your help to at least understand a bit more of what is going on in Puerto Rico and to share it with others.

My question is when will the experimentation stop.

When will  the U.S. respect that those who they call citizens on the Island have the same rights as those on the Mainland.


  1. David on July 3, 2016 at 5:31 pm

    Que fumiguen el congreso de los United Snakes, la Casa Blanca y quien quiera venga a fumigar a nuestra gente. También se usó el agente naranja en los 60 en nuestro Yunque. Somos para ellos algo inferior.

    • Raul Colon on July 3, 2016 at 8:24 pm

      Tengo un post pendiente con lo del agente naranja y las otra atrocidades.

      Gracias por comentar.

  2. Will Fontanez on July 3, 2016 at 9:36 pm

    Very informative article. It’s a shame that the Puerto Rico government allows this to happen. The Puerto Rican people need to unite for this cause, and not allow NALED to happen.

    • Raul Colon on July 4, 2016 at 8:51 am

      Will the Puerto Rico and U.S. Government both.

      We are uniting for this cause and for many other causes. Look at the latest blog post so you can see how the U.S. uses intimidation tactics against those that don’t agree with them.