They Litter Where You Vacation

First Waves of 2015

As I write the first words of 2015 and I take the first pictures I find myself and environment I want to change.

I walked today on the beach and took my first pictures of 2015. Thanks Moet Veuve Cliquot and a relaxing night with my family, I woke up later than I wanted.

I still had the opportunity to catch a few shots during the Golden Hour

My Beach Shots

Usually the pictures I shared 99% of the time are of the beautiful beach I live on and other parts of the Island (Many of them look like the picture above).

Every once in a while I decide to show you the side of special event beach visitors destroy the beauty of our beaches. It’s not only reckless tour guides trying to make a quick dollar putting locals and tourists at risks. It is also the disregard for the well being of the environment that in many occasions disappoints me.

Last night we had individuals launching fireworks from different parts of the beach. Many did not pick up after them.

Others decided to have their drinks and have a picnic and left others to clean up after them.

Abandoned Champagne Bottle on Isla Verde Beach

Hitting Publish More

As I put my three words in practice, today I had to commit to the action in the word publish.

I felt resistant to hit publish and share the reality of what one of the top tourist beaches on the Island with many of the key hotels around it looks like on most mornings.

I hope that in 2015 we have a cleaner beach and as my friend Rob Hatch wrote in his newsletter I have to commit to the actions to reach my goals

To a cleaner Isla Verde beach, a cleaner Puerto Rico for all to enjoy.

PS: For those of you who get angry that I am projecting the harsh realities of Puerto Rico. I hope you are angry enough to do something about it and pressure the authorities in taking action. 




  1. #DetourconAli on January 5, 2015 at 1:17 pm

    I stumbled across this article because of a colleagues “share” on a social network page. As much as I agree with the expressions made, as a certified tour guide for puerto rico’s tourism department you might want to consider for future posts the words you use.
    Part of the certification process we undergo in becoming tour guides is creating awareness of conserving and preserving our Natural Resources.
    You might want to consider “outfitter companies, or call out the company or organizations with such reckless conduct.

    • Raul Colon on January 5, 2015 at 2:22 pm


      It is just not one company it is many. In this case it was beachgoers who actually decided to visit and do as they wish.

      I appreciate your feedback. The only company I have had an issue with directly is in the post mentioned on the link but it was more of a safety hazard than environmental.

      In the past I have called when I am able to identify who they are. The same way you got the blog post many others stumble upon it and maybe we can get more support from the authorities to make sure that those that litter have consequences.