San Juan’s Vegan Friendly Asian Bistro

Lamp at Sogo

Finding a regular restaurant that caters to Vegans in Puerto Rico can seem impossible at times.  Same reason why I go to vegan/vegetarian food venues or we eat at home.

It’s truly hard for me to walk into a place and ask them to make me a vegan option because on most occasions, as hospitable as the restaurant may want to be, they might make a mistake preparing or serving my food. Instead of interrogating the restaurant staff, I save myself the headache and only go to places I know understand my lifestyle.

It happens everywhere

Last week, I went around the northeast of the United States and it made me realize that understanding what a vegan eats can be a problem everywhere.

A friend of an old friend

About a year ago I met a young entrepreneur and Asian Bistro owner called Kahoo Yu.  I was introduced to him by my close friend Millie Pang which I met through ICQ in the late 90’s.

Since last summer, I have kept very good communication with Kahoo and I have noted that he is a very selfless individual. He is always trying to help and make others happy.

I am sure he would be very embarrassed if I mentioned how many times he gives a little of himself to support my efforts. I won’t go into the details but I can say he is usually one of the first to ask  what he can do to make any situation better.

First visit to SOGO Asian Bistro

This past week I had the opportunity to schedule a business meeting with my friend Larry Lliran and we decided to go to Kahoo’s restaurant, Sogo Asian Bistro.

I messaged Kahoo on Facebook to get directions. He quickly called me and gave me easy directions.

Once we arrived at the restaurant he showed us the specials and even offered to modify any of them to be vegan. I rarely get options at restaurants much less are having a place honor a daily special and modify to my needs.

I quickly choose the Fried Tofu with Black Mushrooms and some Veggie Fried Rice on the side.  The plate arrived and the flavors and taste were right on the money.

Bonus: They have a Vegan Dessert

Most places that have vegan options don’t have vegan desserts. Kahoo recommended some Lychee which I went ahead and ordered.

When I went to pay the bill, once again Kahoo mentioned that the first visit was on the house.

A True Giver

During my drive back,I kept on thinking  how I want to be near those few selected individuals in my life which are always giving. I already have a group of people that are always supporting me and they would kill me if I mentioned them.

Kahoo is definitely one of them. Once I arrived home I made the decision to go with the family to have lunch on the next day so Lucy and Daniela could try SOGO Asian bistro.

Lessons from Kahoo

Kahoo has taught me many lessons during the past year and he also reminds me that by giving you create stronger relationships.

I am grateful for having another restaurant to take my family to that has vegan options. But, I am even more grateful that this establishment is run by a good friend and a great human being.

Our Homework

So what are you going to do this week to give back to someone who is always taking care of others?

How can I help you?

PS: If your in San Juan you might want to make a stop for lunch or dinner at SOGO Asian Bistro.

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More About SOGO Asian Bistro

SOGO Asian Bistro
Centro Comercial San Francisco
San Juan, Puerto Rico
(787) 766-0111