Great Vegan Food & Venue at Kona Grill San Juan

Great #Vegan meal at the Kona Grill

One of the many things I hear when I leave the Island is how challenging it can be to find Vegan food in Puerto Rico.

Over the years I have found my way around some unique places. Most of them are usually not close to where I live and there aren’t many.

New Place Managed by a Great Food & Beverage Manager

So when the new Mall of San Juan opened up it was great to hear that Jose Perez was going to be managing the Kona Grill.

It made me even happier when I on went on Twitter and they confirmed they have a separate Vegan and Vegetarian menu.

I met Jose the first week PF Changs started operating in Puerto Rico. Since then he always made sure I had a great experience at that restaurant. Once he left PF Changs, we could see the decline in service and carelessness.

Knowing that an awesome manager like Jose understands what being Vegan is gives me peace of mind.

Vegetarian Roll at Kona Grill #SanJuan

Supporting Restaurants with Vegan Menu Options

I had to stop by and check out the food especially the vegan menu options.

We arrived at the restaurant and the staff greeted us with smiles.

The entrance and the whole venue is visually attractive. We asked for the Vegan menu and we’re taken care of immediately.

The host, who was training the new staff, made suggestions on regular menu items that could be modified.

You can read the detail of the food at the Veglatino blog post.

Kona Grill [ coconut mojito ]

Drinks and Entrees Ordered

For drinks Lucy ordered a Coconut Mojito and I ordered Tea. I had a try of the Coconut mojito and it was delicious, I am sure next time I will order one.

We requested two entrees and some french fries for our little one.

Kona Grill [ pad thai noodles ]

I had the Pad Thai where they substituted the animal protein with tofu and Lucy had a vegetarian Goat Cheese flatbread pizza.

My Pad Thai was delicious and Lucy enjoyed her food option as well.

It was a treat to have the new staff working with the more experienced trainer.

Kona Grill [ roasted corn + goat cheese flatbread ]

Great Teamwork for such a New Team

Their teamwork impressed me in many ways.  Kona’s staff gave me options and made sure they stayed on the safe side of delivering me food that was vegan.

The restaurant has only been open for two weeks and they did an excellent job taking care of us.

My closest and first option to Eat Out

I will definitely have the Kona Grill as one of my first options when we decide to have lunch out from now on.

If you’re in San Juan and want some Vegan/Vegetarian food with flavor, in a cool venue, Kona Grill is definitely the place to go.