Make the Police Fight Crime not Students!!!

A Few months ago I wrote about Police Brutality when protestors where protesting pacifically at the Puerto Rico Capitol (“Coup de Etat” by Our President of the SenateMad Cow Disease Epidemic in Puerto Rico &  Sad Day for Our Island – Puerto Rico).  Police brutality here in Puerto Rico has been something more common that it should be especially when it comes for people trying to express their rights against pro-statehood government administrations. (Before I read any comments screaming anti U.S. Sentiment I am Pro-Puerto Rico being independent and I have nothing against the U.S.

UPR Rio Piedras Strike

As a son of someone who was persecuted by the Puerto Rican and U.S. Government  (back in the 70’s) because he wanted the Island to be independent I can relate to the abuse committed in the following video by the Puerto Rico Police Department.

When will the current Puerto Rico government recognize that having their police force battling students who want to voice their opinions instead of battling crime.

At the moment we can say that the University of Puerto RIco is one of the safest universities considering the large police force inside of it now allowing other students to voice their opinions.

If you really want to make a difference and help the Puerto Rican Government change their mind on using force instead of negotiation please past the post or the video at least.

It make me nauseous every time i see actions by our police force and the government keeps promoting it.

Let’s leave our political beliefs behind and protect Human Rights!

What else can we do via social media to make the government shift their abuse into a real strategy without using violence?

Let the Puerto Rico police Battle our Crime not our Student! What do you think?

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If you want to stay updated on information of the Student Strike Feel free to visit Noveltica ( Noveltica is no longer online update 04/05/2013) .


  1. IsabelL on December 22, 2010 at 4:54 am

    Si Raul, es una pena lo que esta pasando, todos en la isla somos una gran familia y no hay que estar dando palos a nadie. Es una pena, la violencia siempre trae mas violencia ya eso esta estudiado, el problema es que los que dirigen el pais… tienen tanta fustracion que se desquitan con violencia en vez de dialogo.
    Tan facil y sencillo que es tener paz eh!!!!

    • Raul Colon on December 23, 2010 at 2:40 am

      Isa completamente de acuerdo. Creo que ha sido de las pocas ocasiones donde he escuchado personas con diversos ideales políticos que no están de acuerdo con lo que sucedió en ese día.

      Mil gracias por comentar y siempre apoyar lo que hago! 🙂