Puerto Rico’s Secretary of Commerce Says Economy Has Improved

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One of the main topics of the many conversations prior to the 140 Meetup was how in Puerto Rico we are not accountable or can accept when there are things that need to be improved. It is easier to say that things are ok and continue with the issues than face reality and go after the solutions to fix these problems.

Watching the below video I have to say it is my perception that I caught on to one of our government officials blowing smoke at the reporter to make it look like Puerto Rico is doing as well as the economy in Dubai.

Jobs Created?

Jose Perez Riera is talking about jobs created in last fiscal year but has not mentioned jobs lost during the last year including the last 4 years (mainly caused by Fortuño practices. I can do a quick survey of friends that are unemployed and most of them became unemployed in the last year. Not sure how they got those numbers but it would be interesting to do an in depth audit in Jose Perez’s statements.

Last 6 Years the Puerto Rico Economy has Taken a Hit

Supposedly in the last years we turned around the economy when the U.S. has had a different outlook. Reality is that when the U.S. has an economic Cold our small island’s economic lungs are collapsing and failing. Not sure how he can say that everything is going great here and how it is growing when we can clearly see a different story.

What incentives is he talking about?

Not sure how many people are actually benefiting from the film industry. They are a small group and I happy for them. Reality is most of those opportunities bring people from the outside and the jobs created are not as many as we need.

An incentive that I would like to see is fully supporting entrepreneurs to create solid small business and I have not seeing a solid incentive coming from the Puerto Rico Government.

Tourism Industry

We have seen a few films that where filmed in Puerto Rico. Unless you are from Puerto Rico or read the credits you would never now it was filmed here.

Most of them like the latest Fast & Furious movie takes place in Brazil.

Not sure how filming a scene like the one below in the Movie Animal will motivate peoples interest in visiting Puerto Rico.

My question is who is actually measuring how these film incentives are benefitting the Island? 

What economic Growth?

I will let you  decide if you have seen Economic Growth locally. I have been lucky enough that the internet has allowed me to make a living working with clients in Mexico, United States, and England so I am able to provide for my family. But locally I have lost 95% of my clients.


If we are doing so great as Jose Perez Riera says why would he want to continue being a part of the U.S. Economy while it crumbles. Even the reporter mentioned how his statements could appear as we are running our own show here.

Sadly Puerto Rico is a Colony of the U.S. and the reality is that we get affected from whatever decisions the U.S. makes including some of the Republican experiments Government Fortuño has conducted here on the island.

“Moral Mandate of Fortuño”

In my opinion Governor Fortuño has his own agenda and when it comes to Moral Mandate well that can be up for questioning depending how much of his party or a fan of his you are. Seeing how he allowed human rights issues to continue really makes me think that such a phrase can even be considered an Oxymoron.

How can we make sure that these individuals who are representing us realize that they need to support small businesses and many other efforts to turn our economy around. Appearing on Fox News and saying it already happened might have a short time effect of bringing someone a smile.

But when people are leaving the island, loosing their homes, or struggling to provide for their families it only breaks the communication to fix the current issues when an official like Jose makes up such a lame story. I rather have bad news aligned with a plan to solve them which can lead in with long lasting positive effects.

How do you feel about the Secretary of Commerce’s comments?

I would be more than open to a one on one conversation with the Secretary so he can clear this & many more of my concerns when it comes to where our local economy is at and going.

The only way we will get out of this is by uniting forces and understanding the realities every Puerto Rico Resident is living.


  1. Prometeo on March 30, 2012 at 5:23 pm

    So a few jobs are created and Jose Perez Riera makes it look like he has done miracles and the unemployment rate is down. Politics as usual.

    • Raul Colon on March 31, 2012 at 9:07 am


      He is very misleading. It really bothers me that he has the guts to take this approach.