Ignite a Revolution: Improve Customer Experience

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This is post two on my Igniting a Revolution Series.

Making your customers feel at home and creating awareness of good customer service is something we all should do. By putting the spotlight on a few places that have it right when it comes to customer service. I might help Ignite some ideas on how to make you to stop and think how to improve your customers experience .

I have always been very loyal when it comes to supporting those who are doing a great job and provide me services I see valuable.

There is no better feeling than visiting a restaurant with great service or a store that makes it quick and hassle free for me to buy what I need.

Vegan Friendly Restaurants

My definition of a good restaurant being Vegan is one that offers vegan options while providing excellent service, good food quality, and timely service. Given the few restaurants that offer vegan options makes me very loyal to those restaurants that offer Vegan Options.

I love going to Bangkok Bombay and now recently to Casabe restaurant because both are great at offering me healthy vegan options to eat while offering me great service. The fact they are great and my options are limited makes me a repeat customer of them and opens the door for any vegan friendly restaurant to acquire a loyal client (me).

Tech Savvy & Hassle Free

When I went to buy my first Macbook Pro was the moment where Best Buy lost me as a customer. Given the hard time they gave me at their Caguas location that they never apologized for locally. Another local store called Modernica tried to sell me a Mac which was supposedly upgraded at a premium price. Even worst they wanted to sell me a software bundle with the Mac that I did not need. By trying to increase their profit on one item they lost a customer for life.

I finally went and bought a Laptop from an Apple Re-seller in my hometown of Ponce and since then I have made a few mores large purchases from the folks at Skynet. They made it quick easy and gave me exactly what I needed.

Short or Shorter?

As for my Hair Stylist there is nothing easier than sitting down with someone who has styled your hair for years. You really don’t need to sit down and go into the details of what needs to get done to your hair.

The only thing I might need to tell my hair stylist is how short I want my hair.

Corner Supermarket

Although we are currently moving I go to a local Supermarket called Selectos. The staff at that Selectos located in Santa Isabel reminds me of when I was a kid and my dad would take me while living in Connecticut to the corner bodega. It felt as we where visiting friends.

When I visit the Selectos it usually takes me more than what it would take anyone else to grab groceries due to the fact that I might stop with one of their supervisors Orlando and chat for a minute or two about my vegetarian lifestyle and about other subjects he and I find interesting. Orlando does a great job at saying hello and finding the interest of his customers.

It’s All About Community

The previous organizations I recommended  make me feel like I am part of their community. They are missing basic components of customer service that can be fixed with training,  hiring the right people, and in some cases making management focus on the customer experience not just making profits.

What are you doing to make your customers feel comfortable?

What are you doing to make them feel like they are at home?

Feel free to mention any places that make you feel special as customer and why?