Rosa Clemente & Susan Sarandon Create Awareness of PR at the Golden Globes

Hurricane Maria in Condado

The Golden Globes as a Social Justice Platform

I don't own a TV and I also don't have access to cable TV. So I did not get to watch the Golden Globes from Puerto Rico by choice. But more than 50% of the Island could not watch the Golden Globes because they did not have power. 

Why did I want to watch the Golden Globes on this Occasion?

On this occasions, we had fellow activist Rosa Clemente who was invited by her friend Susan Sarandon to talk about her excellent work regarding Puerto Rico on the Map. There were other actresses who invited activists as their date to this year's Golden Globes. 

We need more Rosa Clementes and less JLos

Rosa Clemente rallied her resources and came to the Island immediately after the Hurricane. She went deep into disaster areas and documented what she was seeing and experiencing. She was on the Island when it was dangerous and draining.

It's funny that in the interview below they asked Rosa Clemente if she knew that JLo was in Puerto Rico.  It seems that particular reporter associates JLo with Puerto Rico. For me living on the Island, I associate Rosa with the Island because of the awareness she creates on our real issues. JLo comes to visit and endorse corrupt politicians. 

Rosa arrives to help those in need and make sure those who might be forgotten are taken care of.  I also think Rosa Clemente answered the question and did an excellent interview. 

There are many heroes like Rosa Clemente and others that are lesser known who have limited resources but are giving everything they have to help Puerto Rico. 

JLo arrived with a check and bodyguards. I'm not sure how hands-on she will be in making sure that money is put in the hands of those that need it the most. For me, Rosa Clemente and those doing excellent work, deserve more credit than a Mega Star who brings a check and is distanced from those in need by a bodyguard. 

Thank You Rosa Clemente and Susan Sarandon

So thank you Rosa for expressing what a few of us feel when it comes to the attention they put on Jlo who is not as connected with the Island as you and many others are.

Thanks to Susan Sarandon for allowing Rosa to tell our Story and to keep on seeking help for Puerto Rico.

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Susan Sarandon & Rosa Clemente On Raising Awareness For Puerto Rico At The Golden Globes

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