Puerto Rico on the Map

Puerto Rico on the Map

Rosa Clemente's Puerto Rico on the Map

The reason I set up this blog over 8 years ago was with the intention of shining a light on my life and challenges as an entrepreneur in Puerto Rico.  In other words, I wanted to put Puerto Rico on the Map.

With time this blog has transformed to be a way of me venting about the many injustices against Puerto Rico.

Rosa Clemente and #PRonTheMap

I am glad today to see how the Puerto Rican díaspora and activist Rosa Clemente along with a group of journalists and activists created the website PR on the Map. 

Hurricane Maria Aftermath

After Hurricane Maria, my mind was not prepared to share what I was seeing or experiencing. I went into survival mode to make sure my family had clean water, food, communications, and other basic things.

The difficult decision to Leave the Island

After two weeks of dealing with the Post Hurricane Maria Aftermath, with the help of friends, I left to Connecticut in an attempt to help from the outside and also save the projects we have on the outside. In a matter of days, one hurricane had wiped-out our recurring income and many other projects.

Puerto Ricans are Still Suffering

But we were lucky to have a roof over our head and have an army of folks willing to help.

The reality is most people do not have the access we had to get on a plane and leave the Island.

The Puerto Rican Stories You might not hear elsewhere

I am proud of the work Rosa Clemente has done capturing the stories that you all might not have a chance to hear.

Take a few minutes and if you are committed to the Island, browse around. Learn more about what is going on after Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico and support Rosa's efforts. 

Rosa Clemente Phone Interview with San Juan Mayor, Carmen Yulin Cruz

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Rosa Clemente Interviews San Juan Mayor, Carmen Yulin Cruz

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