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I have been using Google + since it was first launched and I every day I find a reason or two why I decided to spend most of my time on that platform over others.

The quality of most of the content and conversations that are part of the Google+ ecosystem catch my interest a lot more than any other platform.

Today while searching for stuff related to Puerto Rico I found the following video with a visual biography of Roberto Clemente.

After watching the video shared by Sunday Barbaro I went ahead and did a bit more research on the creator of Roberto Clemente’s Visual Biography.

A Hero In Two Places that Start with P

I contacted Christopher to request permission to post images of his artwork on this blog and he responded in a quick and friendly way. He gave a few interesting facts that I will include below but a few of them really caught my eye.

  • Roberto Hit a inside the Park Grand Slam
  • He served in the United States Marines
  • Roberto is remembered as a Hero in Pittsburgh as he is in Puerto Rico

From the Artist (Christopher)



I spent over 2 months learning all I could about Roberto. I feel that I can call him by his first name now, as I have gained a closeness with him over my past many weeks of research learning about him. I read pages upon pages of his biographies and watched hours of his highlights in order gain a deep understanding of the man before I began to draw. Once I began to draw, the ideas started to flow and a hero seemed to reappear before my eyes as I progressed. Below is a list of some of the references that you will find inside this visual-biography of this heroic legend.

  • The Roberto Clemente Bridge, Pittsburgh, PA
  • Career Batting average .317
  • Career Hits 3,000
  • Career Home runs 240
  • Career Runs Batted In 1,305
  • World Series MVP, 1971
  • Babe Ruth Award, 1971
  • Last MLB appearance October 3, 1972.
  • 2× World Series champion (1960, 1971)
  • Pittsburgh Pirates #21 retired
  • He was the original “The Great One”, and also known as “Sweetness “
  • Born in Carolina, Puerto Rico, August 18, 1934 in Puerto Rico.
  • Died on December 31, 1972
He was a “righty.”
  • He was always a Pirate, and played from 1955 to 1972.
  • He was awarded the National League’s Most Valuable Player Award in 1966.
  • All Star Game on 12 occasions.
  • He won 12 Gold Glove Awards (I drew 12 gloves, each with the year he won. Can you find them all?)
  • Elected to the Hall of Fame in 1973.
  • Clemente is also the first Hispanic player to win a World Series as a starter in1960.
  • He studied in Vizcarondo High School
  • Prior to his pro career he was recruited by the Sello Rojo team.
  • He played for Ferdinand Juncos team 16 sixteen years old;
  • On November 14, 1964, he married Vera Zabala; they had 3 children
    • Roberto Jr.
    • Luis Roberto
    • Enrique Roberto.
  • He played for the Santurce Crabbers (Cangrejeros) of the LBBPR. (The Pro League in Puerto Rico).
  • While Clemente was playing in the LBBPR, the Brooklyn Dodgers offered him a contract.
  • He played with Montreal Royals prior pro.
  • The Pirates selected Clemente as the first selection of the rookie draft that took place on November 22, 1954.
  • Clemente debuted with the Pittsburgh Pirates on April 17, 1955.
  • He served in the United States Marine Corps Reserves
  • National League Batting Champion, 1961, 1964–1965, 1967
  • Major League Player of the Month, May 1960, May 1967, July 1969
  • He led the National League in batting average four times (1961, 1964, 1965, and 1967),
  • Member of the National Baseball Hall of Fame Induction 1973
  • He played at Forbes Field and Three Rivers Stadium;
  • July 25, 1956 at Forbes Field hit a walk-off inside-the-park grand slam.
  • His name in the proper Hispanic format, “Roberto Clemente Walker”
  • In 1973, Clemente was awarded the Congressional Gold Medal
  • In 1973, Clemente was awarded —-The Presidential Citizens Medal
  • In 2002, he was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom
  • In 2003, he was inducted into the United States Marine Corps Sports Hall of Fame
  • Clemente was named a member of Major League Baseball’s Latino Legends Team in 2005.
  • PNC Park’s right field wall is 21 feet tall in reference to his number and his normal fielding position

 Any other interesting stories or facts that you know about Roberto Clemente which you would like to share?

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  1. Tony on October 5, 2012 at 9:35 am

    I love your drawing of Roberto!
    His name “Roberto Clemente Walker” has 21 letters…
    Tony Flores
    Atlanta, GA

  2. on August 11, 2013 at 1:02 pm

    Ah, Tony….good one! I did months of research on Roberto, and that never came up. Wish I would have put that in there. Neat stat!