Review Awesome Modern Tailor Shirts

Photos of Raul Colon Web Developer Puerto RicoA few weeks ago I was approached by my previous client @alexklevine of the opportunity of receiving custom tailored shirts with the agreement for me to share the experience on my blog.

I got an email from Leah at with some instructions on how to make the order and go thru the process of ordering my tailored shirt online.

Fun Process

Once I started with the process it was really neat for you to build a shirt with many options and choosing every element. For example I like to wear shirts with cuffs. But many times I find that the shirts that do have cuffs are not my size or not my style.

You start off by choosing all the elements,shirt fabric, shirt color, neck style, buttons, pocket style, shirt bottom style, back style, cuff style, option to include a monogram and many others.

I went step by step choosing every element carefully and making sure that they would complement well.

Once you build your shirt you have the opportunity to choose a standard size (small, Medium, Large, etc) or for you to enter your body measurements to have the shirt tailored and fitted to your body.

On my first attempt I did not follow instructions and ended up creating a shirt that fit perfectly everywhere except my chest. So if you are taking this route feel free to order there measuring kit or even better yet make sure you follow the simple instructions and don’t cheat yourself.

Once the shirt has been created then you make your order which takes a few days depending on your location. I received the shirt here in Puerto Rico and it did not take more than a week after I ordered it.

I Recommend Modern Tailor to!

I guess that any person having issues like me with finding shirts that fit them well. We all have different body types in my case I have a 18 ½” neck which makes all my shirts extremely large for the rest of my upper body. Being able to get a shirt with that exact measurement helps me without having to have hte shirt  fitted later. If you are a big guy like my brother Javier it gets even worst when your neck size is 22″+. So anyone that has issues buying shirts at a store should give a try.

If you are also very into customizing your look into a specific style Moderntailor can help you do that with many more options that can be created by yourself.

In my case I wish I could even more creative and I do think I did a good job choosing the elements of my shirt.

Another unique thing is that you get an email on how your shirt will look when it arrives.

I wore r my shirt last weeks at the Inbound Marketing Summit in Boston where I spent time with a good friends and got the opportunity to see presentations from from Guy Kawasaki, Chris Brogan, and a few other individuals I admire .

Take a look at Moderntailor and let me know what you think?

Photos of Raul Colon Web Developer Puerto Rico

Disclaimer: Even though our we received a Complimentary Shirt  on behalf of, we don’t feel that this influenced the writing of this post in any way.