Feel Your Music Everywhere – Bass Egg

Bass Egg Review

Every year during March I do my annual pilgrimage with a bunch of other geeks over to Austin during the South by Southwest Interactive Festival. I usually find something unique at the tradeshow and this year it happened to be  Bass Egg. I was walking with Antuan, a designer from Puerto Rico, when he brought…

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Mophie Best Solution for IOS7 Battery Drain

Juice Pack Helium for Mophie

These last few days I have been leaving the house more often and going to meetings. I normally take care of clients from the comfort of my home office. I don’t worry much about not having enough battery on my phone because I can always plug it to the charger or use Lucy’s phone. Mophie…

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It’s Not Only Waterproof, It’s Really Lifeproof

Isla Verde Sunset

This past March  while at SXSW 2013 I was handed a case by the LifeProof Marketing and Public Relations team, Natalie Barreiro & Barbara Meyer, for my most used gadget the iPhone 5 . Till this day I have the Lifeproof case on my iPhone 5 .  Since I live in front of the beach I tend to…

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Runnur Making Empty Pockets a Good Thing

Me and Julien with My Runnur!

The Runnur Mini Backpack Since I got back from SXSW you might have seen me walking around with what looks a mix between a messenger bag sling and a fanny pack. While walking on the SXSW tradeshow floor, I encountered a booth that was selling an item called Runnur (Affiliate Link). As soon as I saw…

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Review Awesome Modern Tailor Shirts

A few weeks ago I was approached by my previous client @alexklevine of the opportunity of receiving custom tailored shirts with the agreement for me to share the experience on my blog. I got an email from Leah at moderntailor.com with some instructions on how to make the order and go thru the process of…

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