Video: Congressman Luis Gutierrez Opposes the PROMESA Bill

Garita overlooking Land Side of el Morro Fort

One of my last posts I wrote about why Vulture Hedge Funds are Destroying the Puerto Rico economy. I also promised a follow up post on the Junta de Control Fiscal. It is also known as the Promesa Bill. I want to spotlight how the PROMESA BILL would benefit Wall Street and hurt Puerto Rico’s economy even…

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Why are Vulture Hedge Funds Destroying Puerto Rico’s Economy?

The Green Invader Over the 500+ years El Morro Fort has had att

This past weekend I visited Old San Juan and one of the places I visited was El Morro Fort. Since the Spaniards came over, this place has been a target for exploitation. Curious enough I bumped into an invading species, the Iguana. Humans brought Iguanas from Central America as pets. Since then they have been…

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Funkyberry Bringing Community to Isla Verde

Funkyberry (@funkyberrypr) Bringing Community to Isla Verde -

Our Favorite Hangout in Isla Verde A few times a week, I go with Daniela to our favorite spot to get healthy snacks here in Isla Verde called,  Funkyberry. Daniela  takes ownership of the place by dancing around and enjoying herself. We also go during times where Funkyberry is not too busy. The owners Raúl…

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Vegan Friendly Boriturkish Food Truck in Parque Central

Who would have taught that mixing Puerto Rican Food with Turkish I could get a delicious Vegan Meal.

As a kid I use to love street food. Just before I became a vegetarian, I would stop often at food vendors. From my trips with the military in Central America and working in New York City, I preferred to eat street food. Since 2011, we’ve been involved in many food truck projects. We built…

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How not to Handle a Hotel’s Social Media Presence

Courtyard Marriott

For years I have been working with clients on how to manage their online efforts. I can assure you that the way the Courtyard of Isla Verde is managing their online responses is not the right way. At one point, I advised a few hospitality industry clients on how to use these tools. A few…

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