Mad Cow Disease Epidemic in Puerto Rico

More Evidence of the Police Brutality

The Puerto Rico Police Department has a long track of issues with police brutality. For many reasons that can be remembered by many of all circles and ages, we have had one or many bad experiences with the local police department.

This history of police brutality at one point earned some police units so nicknames such as “Gatos Negros” (Black Cats) and “Vacas Locas” (Mad Cows).

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The reason I titled this post “Mad Cow Disease in Puerto Rico” was if you look at the first video I posted some of the police personnel go into a stampede to the crowd dispersing the protestors it gets to the point that the person filming gets hit and beaten to the point where only audio is available.

Politicians and Police Corruption in Puerto Rico Bring Human Rights Abuse

This last week many of us were amazed at how poorly the Puerto Rico Police Department and Government handled what was meant to be peaceful protests. I wrote previous posts, but today I saw another video from one of the protestors where you can confirm that the Puerto Rico Police abused their force. You can see that most protestors were only armed with cameras and protest signs when they were hit and pushed out of the protest area. There are many stories related, and most of the ones I read were not too favorable for how the Current Puerto Rico Superintendent Figueroa Sancha handled the situation.

The Puerto Rico Governor took more than 18 hours to make comments but did not answer questions. You can review the video in Spanish wherein various occasions he ignored the press. In This video, you will see many things even when a Policeman breaks a car window. The Superintendent also made false claims of a cop that got shot; later medical records indicated that the cop got injured because of use of excessive force.

Today the local newspaper Primerahora posted an interview where finally the Puerto Rico Governor admitted partially that there was a use of excessive force. I guess it was his only choice since there was so much evidence contradicting most of the claims of the government.

I believe that the current superintendent should be requested to resign. Let it not be forgiven that Figueroa Sancha was second in Command when the FBI murdered Nationalist Leader Filiberto Ojeda Rios.

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