Authority 2015 Conference – Denver

Audience of Authority 2015

One of many lessons I’ve learned attending conferences is that each attendee has their unique reason for going to the event. I personally have two objectives when I decide to attend. The first one is being able to reconnect with people I love and admire. The second one is to meet new people that have…

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This One time at MisfitCon

Paul - - 2nd day of Misfit Con

For the past two years, when I come back from the Misfit Conference, the universe starts aligning to bring about large and small changes. For the rest of the year I find myself recounting my experiences at Misfit to other non Misfits. Some are interested but I am sure there are a few that make…

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My First ISACA Symposium as a Photographer

ISACA Puerto Rico 2014 Annual Symposium. More pictures at

In 2005 as I struggled to pass my two parts of the CPA with my current work load it appeared almost impossible. I remember having a chat with someone who is now principal at KPMG about the CISA Certification. My Passion was not In Public Accounting I clearly had no interest or passion in looking…

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First Holiday Party of the Season

Fit911 Studio Christmas Party More pictures at →

Life evolves and I find myself going to less events and holiday parties throughout the years. My First Holiday Party of the Season But when I do decide to assist a party or event it has to be a meaningful one. (that sort of sounds like the Dos X man of Mystery). So yesterday my good…

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