My First ISACA Symposium as a Photographer

ISACA Puerto Rico 2014 Annual Symposium

In 2005 as I struggled to pass my two parts of the CPA with my current work load it appeared almost impossible. I remember having a chat with someone who is now principal at KPMG about the CISA Certification.

My Passion was not In Public Accounting

I clearly had no interest or passion in looking at a General Ledger much less auditing boring financial statements. For that reason once I missed the third part by one point I and failed the fourth I quit on taking the exam.

In 2006 I took the CISA exam under a lot of stress. My grandmother who I am attached too fell ill around this time in December. I remember walking in taking the exam and being the first one in the group to finish. I just wanted to be by Grandma’s side.

I knew I could take the CISA exam again and at that time I was not sure if my grandma would recuperate. Weeks later I got the notice that I passed the CISA exam on my first try. 8 years later my grandma is doing great although with less mobility than when she had that medical issue and I no longer hold the CISA.

ISACA Puerto Rico 2014 Annual Symposium

Thank you Larry Lliran

My friend Larry Lliran invited me to go and capture the ISACA event. Last year I still held two of ISACA’s certifications the CISA and CGEIT. As I restructure my business and realized I have better opportunities in the creative work I am doing I did not renew them.

My First Symposium as a Photographer

For the first time I assisted a symposium not being a member of ISACA and more as a photographer.

Once again Larry proves he knows how to curate speakers and for the most part they presented valuable information to the crowd.

As I move towards covering more events as a blogger and as a hired photographer I get to experience events in a different way.

Getting to Spend Time with Old Friends

It was an awesome day where I got to see some of my ex-colleages from KPMG and Doral Bank.

My strategic partners Greenpoint Consulting and the new people I met who are still working on things I once worked on.

As with when I passed my CISA exam from my first try and validated I should stick with IT more than accounting. This year has confirmed I need to pursue my photography in a more professional matter.

I was able to curate 50 images that I took at the Symposium.

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