Authority 2015 Conference – Denver

Audience of Authority 2015

One of many lessons I’ve learned attending conferences is that each attendee has their unique reason for going to the event.

I personally have two objectives when I decide to attend.

  1. The first one is being able to reconnect with people I love and admire.
  2. The second one is to meet new people that have common interests with me.

I Won’t miss This Awesome Conference Either

There are two conferences I don’t miss every year, one being SXSW and the other one being Misfit Inc.

Copyblogger Rainmaker Authority conference will definitely be added to the list of annual pilgrimages.

My First Visit to Denver

This was my first visit to Denver and it started off a bit rocky. Thankfully, after emails and exchanges with AirBNB, and a rock star attendee, I was able to quickly make it an awesome experience.

In 2010 my good friend and business partner Chris Brogan recommended that I try Genesis Framework for my blogs. I bought the full package and since then I have preferred building websites in WordPress on Genesis.

I also became an affiliate and started recommending the platform.

In 2012 when Copyblogger had a hiccup with their affiliate system, I exchanged emails with Jessica Frick, one of their team members, about something that did not go as Copyblogger planned.

Since my first purchase with them, Copyblogger has taken good care of me. They have saved me many hours of sleep, helped me building better websites, and I could go on and on with a long list.

Jessica did everything possible to make it up to me by inviting me to their SXSW 2012 Copyblogger event. I had a blast and became a fan of Jessica, her co-workers, and the Copyblogger brand.

The  Rainmaker Authority Conference

The day before the conference, Copyblogger had a reception mixed with registration.

My new friend Patrick Garmoe decided to invite folks to lunch. A few of us made our way to the Corner Office right in front of the Ellie Opera House.

There I had a chance to meet a diverse and talented group of individuals.

The Corner Office Restaurant in front of the Opera House... I met some awesome folks on that first interaction before the reception.

Meeting The Franchise King

The real highlight was the privilege of finally meeting Joel Libava better known as the Franchise King.

I have chatted with Joel over the internet since 2011 where we were part of the Kitchen Table Companies community. Joel listened to my concerns regarding my AirBnB issue.

Your name is...  Too much awesomeness all over the picture.

It was Hard to Pay for a Meal or Drink

This is the first conference I went to where it was hard to pay for your own meal. We had our meals paid for by some of the members of the Copyblogger community.

On my way back home, I had a nice couple even invite me to breakfast at the airport and they were not at the conference. After the first hiccup upon my arrival in Denver, I was showered with lots of luck.

The Copyblogger Reception

I arrived at the reception and I quickly identified some familiar faces. I met some pretty awesome new folks and had a blast that first day. The energy in the ballroom was great and out of the three evening events this was the one I had the most fun at.

I also got the surprise that my good friend Rob Hatch was attending and I had not seeing him since January 2014.

Meeting Patrick for the first time, getting to shake Joel’s hand, and seeing my close friend Rob Hatch, kept me smiling throughout the following days. I had made a great decision to visit Denver and the people that were there made it all worth it.

Chris Brogan on Stage #Authority2015

A mix of excellent speaker curation and extremely talented attendees.

The first day of the conference started with Daniel Pink presenting. I listened in for the most part but I keep myself moving between taking pictures of Daniel Pink and other speakers. I would breakout to the hall to chat and meet those folks who were at Authority with me.

I pretty much did the same for the two days going in and out of the venue. Not only because I like to talk but because I learn a lot from the great group of folks that were visiting.

During the whole time I was there I found that this has to be the conference with the most caring and kind individuals. I did not meet one attendee I felt did not fit there.

The awesome Jessica Commins and her team did a great job creating an awesome experience.

Congrats and Thank You Jessica and Copyblogger Team

I have to give my compliments to Jessica Frick and her team.

They did an awesome job creating an awesome production but more importantly attracting the right people.

More Photos of the Conference

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