First Holiday Party of the Season

Fit911 Studio Christmas Party

Life evolves and I find myself going to less events and holiday parties throughout the years.

My First Holiday Party of the Season

But when I do decide to assist a party or event it has to be a meaningful one. (that sort of sounds like the Dos X man of Mystery).

So yesterday my good friend Andres Vasquez Invites me to his Fit911 studio Christmas Party. It seems the party ran into the early hours of the morning I left shortly after 1am.

It was the first Christmas Party of the Season and knowing me probably my only one.

Andres has been a long time friend and also someone who I have been able to collaborate with over the years. The guidance on my weight loss and maintaining it has come from him. Even when I don’t visit the gym in months just following his advice leaves me in a better place.

Returning to My Fitness Goals

In the next week or so I will be returning to train and do exercise. I stopped shortly before September and have not gone back.

More than Fitness, It was Inspiring

Seeing the energy of those who are part of the Fit911 family makes it inviting for me to return to get on track with my fitness goals. Most of those individuals like Juan and Yashira have made some awesome changes in my life

Andres created an unforgettable experience for his community and clients last night. With the help of sponsors and the awesome Steven Mcqueeny at his Bytes restaurant.

If you are in San Juan you will definitely want to stop by his restaurant and try his drink and food experiments using Nitrogen.

I had a blast I had the chance to capture some cool pictures you can browse through below.

Fit911 Studio Christmas Party

Very proud of My Friend Andres

I am proud of the results of the effort Andres and his wife Arlene have put through with this project. Being a small business owner in Puerto Rico is extremely challenging. Seeing a business like Fit911 thrive against obstacles is inspiring. It gives me and others motivation to continue fighting.

Thank you for the invite it was special since it was the first awesome Christmas party invite I received in a while.

Happy Holidays…

I want a print or Digital Copy of these Photos

Feel free to contact me for any prints or digital copies of these photos with or without the watermark (for sale).