Not so Green Way! #Gasoducto

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An issue that has me very concerned these past few weeks is the fact of how our local government is going after a project that brings huge ecological impact and risks and calling it  Green Way ( “Via Verde”) a stunt to take the word gas out of the equation. The government is offering savings in the electricity bill when it clearly is about $20 dollars a month ( Electricity costs in PR are about 21 cents per kilowatt hour compared to 10 cents in the U.S. Mainland) comparing the huge investment of $450 Million dollars (not sure if all the publicity and advertising is included) and the part of how our Island will be impacted from an ecological standpoint.

About a month ago I wrote a “No Crossover but @calle13oficial’s Message Was Powerful on how @calle13oficial” ( one of my favorite musicians) called attention on the issue on the Jimmy Kimmel Show.

Points that concern me on the Supposed “Green Way”

  • Friendlier way to Lower Utility bills
  • Green Way – Gas is not a Green alternative after all it is a Fossil Fuel.
  • Possible Winner of Bid Engineering firm with no pipeline construction experience is close friends with the Governor and Mr. Fortuño denies the conflict of interest.
  • The current governor scrapped a more economical option only a few years ago
  • Boats can easily go around the island and drop off on the other side.
  • We know the Gas Duct will not be maintained properly which increases the risk even more.

Key Risks and Possible Impact

  • 92 Mile Pipelne will tear up lush green mountains.
  • Expose people living near it to deadly explosions.
  • It would traverse 235 rivers and wetlands, cut through more than 60 miles (100 kilometers) of the island’s northern Karst region and possibly affect up to 32 endangered species, including the Puerto Rican parrot, crested toad and boa, according to the Corps of Engineers.
  • 23,000 families are in danger of possible explosions, according to the nonprofit environmental organization Casa Pueblo de Adjuntas.
  • Earthquakes in Puerto Rico have been happening lately and we are in a major fault line. Which creates an even greater risk if the pipelline breaks.

So following in my fellow blogger and friend @michaeldcc’s footsteps I ask you to help us stop the government from being the Rusty Fan pushing hot air.

Say no to the “Gasoducto” and join me and many other of our community that signed the petition.


photo credit by by Oquendo