My General Thoughts on Retweets

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There are many reasons why people retweet content on twitter. I have many reasons but when I retweet its because it goes with my interests and overall my values. I see a Re-tweet as an extension of my ideas.

Some people Re-tweet because they have there own agenda and even go so far to constantly re-tweet there own material on the same account making me think if I have to update My Personal Facebook Like & Vote for Self Promoter Policy! to include self-retweeters on twitter. Those same people are usually expecting you to re-tweet their tweets because they re-tweeted yours.

A Re-tweet can be valuable if you use it to inform people with information that can benefit them. That action can also increase the interest in your community and create tighter bonds and helping your community stay loyal to your and your efforts.

Other people re-tweet because they are being polite I highly recommend you to re-tweet because you see value in what you are sharing. Being polite can be detrimental to your reputation since by sharing something that is no interest to your community it can make people lose interest in future tweets.

If you genuinely re-tweet and take your time in reading the content you can also make sure that you have a good understanding of what you are sharing.

Once you identify other tweeps that have your same interest you can re-tweet content that is relevant to you and this can increase followers and interaction. I re-tweet especially when people that are in my community have something to share that I support.

One of the best ways to re-tweet is when someone is searching for an answer to a question. By you sharing the question with your network it increases the possibility of the person receiving an answer by you involving your community and network.

Overall make sure that you are being yourself when you retweet and not because you want to be polite or make some one happy.

What reasons make you re-tweet a post? What really makes you share something once you see it on your timeline?

Photo Credit: Rosaura Ochoa