Is being a “Workaholic” in our DNA?

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Sometimes I feel I am strange or different but in the process of growing thicker skin I try to analyze why I work so much. Every Sunday when I see people complaining that Monday is around the corner and how they would rather stay home than go to work it helps me realize how blessed I am.

For some strange reason I love Monday’s I guess the fact of starting something new (as in a new week) is different from actually just celebrating the end of something (like the end of your weekend). I enjoy every day I wake up and take the challenges that come upon me in many ways.

Am I a Workaholic?

I do realize I work a lot more than the average person because people keep on reminding me (but I don’t see it that way). I have worked since I was 12 and I set up my first business when I was about 15 years old starting a Pet Grooming Business. I have changed and switched environments when it comes to the things I have done. You can see a list I created below.

Is it in my Genes?

As I expressed on a previous post when I look into my family I find many close individuals that have a similar work ethic than mine. But before I share a bit about my close family members I also want to note that I have many other distant family members who rather sit on a couch than work hard.

My Brothers


My oldest brother Luis never misses an opportunity to get involved in starting, continuing, or finishing a job. If you drive through Connecticut there is a good chance that you probably have seen my brother’s work and have not even realized it. I am very proud of all the obstacles my oldest brother has overcome. It brings me great happiness to see him succeed in business and how he is dedicated parent and great human.


My youngest brother Javier (@javierrcolon) makes me very proud. At the moment he has helped set up a few Pizza Hut franchises being a key resource for the owners. He also is focused on results and getting to where he needs to. I am sure he will be an awesome business owner one day. But in the mean time I am proud of how much drive he has to when it comes to taken care of his responsibilities on the business and personal side.

Dad better Known as Don Tito

My dad better known as Don Tito works 6 days a week but he is on call 24/7 given that he helps a large amount of properties where a situation can happen at any moment. He is always focused on getting his job done and will on occasion skip his vacation to make sure the business he is a part of continues to run smoothly.

My Uncle Irving better known as Tio Tito

My Uncle Tito is the closest I have to having another dad. He retired from working in education. During his time as an educator for Puerto Rico Education Department he held multiple other jobs working as a contractor in the Marketing and Advertising fields. His role for 30+ years was working at a tech school-teaching students the basics of business. Different to many other teachers who just spoke about theory he held parallel jobs, which kept him up to date on current business practices. At the moment when it comes to marketing and the basics of traditional business I go to him as my advisor.

Uncle Rey

My Uncle Rey has worked all his life in many roles and has set up multiple businesses. His drive is amazing at an age where many have retired.  He also served 30+ years in the U.S. Military for the Puerto Rico National Guard Leaving at the rank of Lt. Colonel after being the highest-ranking officer in Iraq from the PR National Guard.  My Uncle continues to create and commit himself to many projects. So if you need a day care in the San Juan area he might be the person to contact.

These family members keep me in check and remind me that I have to work hard but most importantly help me explain my drive towards going after things even when many others have given up.

I am also part of a small community of friends that motivate me and I surround myself with which I will share on my next post. Feel free to subscribe and get the next post via email.

What things would you consider in describing a work-a-holic? 

List of Past Jobs

* Worked without Pay at Magazine Store with my dad

* Sold Sports Cards

* Worked at Grooming Shop

* Creating my 1st small business Grooming Dogs (RJ Pet Service)

* Worked Selling Art pieces at the mall

* Cashier at Sam’s Club

* Joined the U.S. Army and Army Reserves (active and reserve duty was a full 8+ years)

* Worked as a bartender and waiter in multiple bars and restaurants in the south part of Puerto Rico.

* Work Study as an assistant to the College Recruiters

* Worked for AOL Online Puerto Rico

*  Accounts Receivable clerk and other roles at Con-Agra Foods in the Accounting Department

* Staff Auditor and Tax Consultant at Local Puerto Rico CPA Firm

* Worked for KPMG Information Risk Management Practice in New York City

* IT Auditor at Doral Financial Corporation as an IT Auditor

* American Systems in Washington, DC as an Information Security Consultant

* Multiple Roles at CIMA IT Solutions my current company.

* Strategic Partner at Human Business Works with Chris Brogan.

* Founded a few blogs (Twitpuerto, Veglatino, and Papaheroes)


  1. Gabriele Maidecchi on February 7, 2012 at 5:07 pm

    Actually you’re not alone in thinking mondays aren’t that bad at all. Ok it’s not 100% of the times, especially when I spend a week-end making music (which I do whenever I got a moment free) and I feel like I’ll miss the chance with the monday incoming, but for the most part, yeah I can definitely share your view.

    • Raul Colon on February 9, 2012 at 4:19 pm


      For some reason the post I wrote previously did not get publish. 

      I know a few people like us that are very interested of  starting a new week!