I Earned my Extra Leg Room Seat by Translating

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I find it very unique that I had such a hard time to get a @jetblue flight at a decent price. Given how empty the flights where a few weeks ago. Last year @jetblue launched the #AYCJ pass and I still saw many empty seats on flight that I would have thought would be full.

On this occasions I was traveling for personal reasons since my grandma is very ill and given other financial commitments I struggled with getting a flight at a reasonable price I know the cost of fuel is something that affects all of us and @jetblue still does a better job than other airlines.

On my way to Connecticut, I got a very different experience compared to my last few flights I got a touch of the @jetblue service I am use to. Roberto and Hector at the gate did an awesome job helping me out with changing my seat moving me to an emergency exit row while they where smiling at 3 am in the morning. I got on board and experienced a very polite in-flight crew.

I was thankful to have the extra legroom since I was going to be writing and getting some work done along the way. But as always on a Puerto Rico to New York the passengers start moving without authorization into the extra legroom seats. Or even worst under Federal Aviation Regulations you can’t sit on an exit row unless you speak English for safety reasons. Not sure why this is such a concern since on my Ponce to New York flight there are more individuals that don’t speak English than those than don’t speak Spanish. So if safety were a concern I would recommend having a bilingual speaker in the Exit Row.

No Hablo Español

Overall I have to say that I am proud of myself the flight attendant working the rows I was sitting on did not speak Spanish so I ended up working for my Extra Leg Room seat in the emergency aisle like always. Another reason why I would never pay to sit in the Emergency Exit Row since it increases my responsibilities and I end up serving as support to the in-flight crew in one way or the other.

I think it is great that @jetblue can make some extra cash in the Extra Leg Room seats but from a process perspective after many years of flying @jetblue they should reconsider charging bilingual passengers extra for those two rows while on flights to Puerto Rico and other Spanish speaking countries or making sure all flight attendants are bilingual.

Pablo is My Hero

On my flight back from New York I was lucky enough to fly back with Pablo who is one of @jetblue’s outstanding In-Flight crewmembers. I have made many JFK to PSE flights where Pablo is very cordial with the passengers and does an excellent job of taking care of me and the other passengers. When Pablo is on Board since he is bilingual I guess I don’t have to work as hard.  If only Jetblue could clone a few Pablo’s, Edgardo’s, Roberto’s, and Hector’s it would definitely be close to the perfect airline.