5+ Actions Demonstrating Great Customer Service

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How Customer Service Should be Everywhere!


As I Landed at the Fort Lauderdale airport I was amazed by the great customer service I received by a flight attendant named Edgardo.

He resembled my most admired French Professor in College named Edgardo (his voice and actions where almost as he was my professor Edgardo’s Twin).

I think just as many other companies (Disney) use their high quality resources to train other companies on how to get something accomplished. I think @jetblue should go ahead (If they don’t do so already) and use these resources as Customer Service Consultants. I wish I could leave Edgardo behind at many places where I am a Customer. It would be great if he could show them the great qualities (that amazed me from Edgardo) I saw on his actions during my flight from San Juan, PR to Fort Lauderdale, FL.

  1. He was extremely courteous when making requests.
  2. Demonstrated clear appreciation with passengers (customers). Every time I thanked him for his service he replied with “No Thank You” in appreciation of me being a @jetblue customer.
  3. He gave us service with a Smile during the complete flight (even when a few customers where giving him a hard time).
  4. Fulfilled every request passengers made.
  5. A huge sense of urgency although exercising patience. In many occasions I see situations where a company representative requests a great sense of urgency from the customer but the same level urgency is not exercised on their part. They have no patience with customers and expect from the customers what they cannot give.

While I was very satisfied with Jetblue Crewmember’s service I was amazed by the email I received. Jetblue had read my previous blog post (“Going the Extra Mile“) and in gratitude of me sharing my #AYCJ experience will be sending me some complimentary items including a #AYCJ T-Shirt which I will proudly wear once I receive it. The biggest gift @jetblue gave me was reading my blog post it made it even better when they offered a few other items.

Dear Raul,

This letter from JetBlue may come of somewhat of a surprise, but I’m pleased to be the one to reach

out to you on behalf of all my fellow crewmembers. We’ve enjoyed following your blog posts and

tweets, and we’re thrilled to see that you’re using your All You Can Jet pass to the max!

Your most recent blog post titled, “Going the Extra Mile” struck a cord with us and we wanted to

jump at the chance to do just that. We’ve watched as the #AYCJ luggage tags have eluded you this

month, and winced when we learned that your newly acquired #AYCJ pin went missing at the happiest

place on earth.

This quick note we’re sending is to let you know that you should be receiving an official All You

Can Jet T-shirt and a replacement button. These items were placed in the mail yesterday and should

be with you soon!

Thanks for choosing JetBlue and for being an All You Can Jet’er! We love our customers and couldn’t

be who we are, without people like you.

Enjoy the last little bit of your month of adventures. We look forward to welcoming you onboard with

us again very soon!


Customer Commitment Crew

JetBlue Airways

The only think I was not happy about when un-boarding the plane was that Edgardo was not working on my next leg of the trip.

How many times have you had a company representative give you outstanding service?

Do you make sure their management or direct supervisor recognize it?

Where would employees like Edgardo be key to teaching other companies on how to follow his example?

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