How do I want to invest the last day of the year?

Reflections of the Earth at Epcot.

How do I want to spend the last day of the year?

In reality 2014 was the beginning of  a better set of years.

Awesome Memories

We had lots of fun and some great memories from this year.

From our trip to the midwest to working on some pretty cool projects with some local creatives.

As I see that today 2014 comes to an end it makes me wonder how I want to spend the last day of the year.

As I am putting the last touches on my 3 words for 2015 I realize I would like to keep a few from the words of 2014.

I want the last day of the year to be a fun and productive one.

As I work on translating the new website design for Farmacia San Rafael  our client over at Limonade Inc. I can only hope to get a few more clients like Nicko from Uncle Gussy’s and Rafa from Farmacia San Rafael.

For the rest of the day I will make sure I make the best of it. But most importantly being grateful for an awesome 2014 and can’t wait for what is in store in 2015.

How will you spend your day?