Culebra’s Bilingual ABC’s Photo Book for Kids

Isla Verde with Jet Sky

Any project where children learn the alphabet in a fun way,  like the bilingual photo book, ABC’s of Culebra, has to be a success in my playbook.

An online friend and a long time reader of this blog and her husband, have taken the quest of actually creating a fun and artistic picture book composed of 52 photos so children can learn the alphabet in Spanish and English.

Cool Idea from a Creative Dad & Pro Photographer

Juan Garavito has been photographing the Island of Culebra for the last 10 years. With a two year old child, he decided he wanted to take his talent and photography of the Island of Culebra and create a Bilingual ABC’s book for children.

Many will say that Culebra is the closest you will get to paradise on Earth. I have not visited the island so backing the project brings a piece of the Island of Culebra to our home.

Who is this Project for?

This project is for anyone that is interested in helping kids learn the alphabet.

It can be an awesome gift for your child, nephew, godson, or neighbor. There are even a some cool rewards that allow you to buy an ABC book for you and another one for the children that live on the island of Culebra.

How can you help support this project?

You can back the project so it can reach its goal, share with others on Twitter, Google +, Facebook, or via email.

What other cool projects have you found that moms and dads created to make the life of other parents and Educators easier?