My Fear of Mechanics has Been Cured!

Carlos Flores The Best Honda Mechanic in Puerto Rico

One of the most difficult and scariest visits I can do after the dentist is visiting the Mechanic. Thankfully, I already have a Dentist that makes me feel comfortable and I leave feeling better.

A Good Honda Mechanic I Can Trust

Finally I was able to visit a Mechanic and feel a sense of relief when I dropped off my car.

Like any other service where you need someone that is very technical, it's hard to find good people. Even harder to feel you trust them from the start.

Stay away from Puerto Rico Honda Dealerships

For years, I have delayed my visits to the mechanic. The reason was that the only Honda Mechanics I knew where those at local Honda Dealers. Both Bella International and Honda Triangle have disappointed me greatly.

I can create a laundry list of  traumatic experiences created by both car dealers. But instead, I want to focus my thoughts on my latest experience with an awesome mechanic.

A Mechanic Recommended by A Trustworthy Car Salesman

Months ago I spoke to my friend Jonathan Tarrats who sells cars for a living.  Jonathan happens to be a friend and a very trustworthy Car Salesman. When I am ready for my next car, I am going to contact Jonathan.

Jonathan recommended Carlos Flores from Frenos Melero to help me with my Honda Accord.

First Break Down for My Honda Accord in Almost 11 years

I finally contacted Carlos a few weeks when my car broke down for the first time in 11 years.

I bought my Honda Accord in October 2005 and the car has never left me disappointed. But a few weeks ago, the transmission did not want to shift into drive.

More time than I wanted to Invest in Fixing one Part

With a Youtube video and the mechanics I learned in the Army, I was able to get the car running. Yes, Youtube, the purchase of just a $19 part, and about 4 hours of my time, solved my dilemma. The problem was how long it took me and the stress that I would break something.

Leave it to a Professional Mechanic

Once I got the car running, I made sure I contacted Carlos. I requested he fix my Honda Accord's steering wheel issue.

For about a year, the Horn worked intermittently and the cruise control stopped working properly.

Replacing a Steering Wheel requires precision and experience. For a non-mechanic like me, Youtube was not the best choice. I did not have the time to spend a few days working on my car; for Carlos and his team it would be a simple project.

Detailed Inspection Revealed What I Knew

Carlos took the liberty to do a detailed inspection and came back with a list of documented issues.

Most of these issues were because of my neglect to a car that has been more than good to me.

He told me the amount which was more than I had put into the car in repairs in the 11 years of ownership.

Trusting the Expert and The Process

Since Carlos was recommended and his service was optimal, I told him to proceed with the work. I often get some referred to others by previous clients. The biggest obstacle is having them trust my process. So I wanted to make sure I let Carlos know I put my trust in him.

I have never felt so comfortable leaving my car with a mechanic. With the investment I was making, I trusted Carlos in getting my car into optimal conditions.

The Puerto Rico Honda Car Dealership Service Center would have been more expensive

I am sure that if I would have visited Bella International, the local Honda Car Dealership, I would have paid at least twice the amount quoted. Repairs would have probably taken three times as long. Most importantly, I would have not gotten good service.

It's a good way for them to entice you into buying another vehicle when you don't need one yet.

Carlos' Extra Personal Service

I agreed to bringing my car in on a Monday. My only issue was finding transportation from the mechanic to my apartment.

I live about 35 minutes away from the Mechanic's workshop. But, Carlos offered to drive me home.

I arrived on Monday and in less than 5 minutes I handed in my car and was on the road headed home. Carlos, the owner of the shop, drove me home. He also picked me up once the car repairs were done.

The last time I took my car for a recall at Bella International, I waited an hour to be told that I had to wait for another vehicle transport because I was the only customer going east and the others were going west.

Detailed Explanation From the Mechanic

Once I arrived at the shop, Carlos decided to give me a walkthrough of what had been done to the car. He showed me the parts that were in bad shape and explained to me what each part did.

The estimate also came in under what was quoted because some parts were ok and didn't need to be replaced.

Carlos chatted with me a bit and helped me drive out of his shop which is on a busy road.

Very Happy with My Old Revamped Honda Accord

As I started driving my vehicle, I felt the results of the repairs.

I had a smooth drive back home and realized that I waited to long to apply some of the repairs on the car.

I realized my fear of being screwed over by a mechanic was eliminated by Carlos and his team.

More Visits to the Mechanic moving Forward

From now on, as soon as I feel the slightest change in driving conditions in my car, I am headed straight to Carlos at his shop, Frenos Meleros to make sure everything is corrected.

If your car breaks down and you are near the San Juan or Caguas area of Puerto Rico, I highly recommend giving Carlos a call at Frenos Melero and having him take a look at your vehicle.

Thank you Carlos Flores for the awesome job and exceptional service.

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