Find the People that Get It

Mastering Digital Channel with Chris Brogan & Rob Hatch

The biggest challenge when I started my digital marketing business was finding the right people; those that would support my projects and also be willing to pay for my services.

When I am meeting a possible business partner or client, I make sure they are the right fit for our way of working.

More is not Always Better

Other’s focus on getting more business and that translates to finding more clients. The problem with increasing your customer base is that some clients might not be profitable to work with.

Increasing the amount of clients does not always translate into a profitable effort.

Invest Your Energy Wisely

By spending too much energy in the wrong partners or buyers, you increase the probability of failing at what you are doing.

Keeping our efforts profitable is important but maintaining a good reputation is also what will get us where we need to be. The more people appreciate what you do for them, it increases the opportunities for them to refer clients like them.

The Right Buyers are out there

Someone who helped me understand early on that the right buyers are out there was my friend and business partner Chris Brogan.

Chris has mentored me on focusing and understanding that there are people out there looking for me and and the services I offer.

These folks want to know you but it’s your job to invest the time and get to know them.

The Challenges

There are challenges we encounter when identifying the right opportunities and business relationships.

Some of the challenges my friend Chris Brogan usually hears from creatives and entrepreneurs like me and you, can be fixed with the correct process.

The Solution

Chris will host a live webinar where he will help you create the right map and give us some actionable items which will make our lives easier.

Even after working directly with Chris and collaborating on many efforts, I get a lot of value from each webinar he offers.

I have been able to use his advice on some pretty cool recent projects. One of them I landed thanks to following the map Chris help me create in one of his previous webinars.

Join Chris and I

I already signed up for the webinar and as one of Chris’ business partners I invite you to enroll and join me in his next webinar.