Listening to Chris Brogan’s advice landed me a Sweet Deal

Chris Brogan speaking at Microsoft NERD

I have been building projects and business for over 20 years.  For a bit over 12 years I have been helping others with setting up businesses or getting them ready to build one.

Although I have years of experience building my own projects I do a better job at helping other with their project.

So one person I go to for help is my buddy Chris Brogan and when he has an event or webinar I make sure I don’t miss it.

Lots of Value in Each Event

Chris usually shares a lot of knowledge that can be found accessed for free on his blog.

When Chris decides to charge for something I can guarantee you will get lots of value from it.

Last week I was able to solve a major issue in my business thanks to some knowledge I acquired on a webinar by Chris Brogan.

While listening to  Chris Brogan’s  webinar “Get Back on the Path” he mentioned the importance of following back.

I realized on occasions I might give up on a lead because they have not replied back. Chris mentioned how we have to offer our services continuously and increase the opportunity for us to close a sale.

Applying what I learned

I have continued following up with those who in the past I would have given up on. As a result of that I was able to either get a no or a specific date to follow up again.

The Benefits of Chris Brogan’s Webinars

Most importantly i also landed a pretty sweet deal with a one of our favorite clients thanks to that follow up.

The knowledge I gained on the last two webinars I listened from Chris will help us during what I consider my low season.

Even Though I have worked with Chris in the past and he is only an email away from any question I have.

I always learn and get hassle free advice I can apply when I watch him speak either in a live event or via a webinar.

Today, Chris is offering a webinar where he will share knowledge on how to plan for Success.

I am going to be joining him get some great insight from someone who equips owners and has been a strong business mentor of mine.

So please enroll for tomorrow’s webinar.


Will you join us?