Decolonization of Puerto Rico

Decolonization of Puerto Rico

Bandera de Puerto Rico en la Guancha

Every year I try to touch on the subject of the importance of the decolonization of Puerto Rico. 

Weeks after another failed plebiscite we don't see any chance of the situation changing for the Island.

But instead of writing another long blog post on how it is absurd that most Puerto Rican Residents are celebrating independence, the video below captures our relationship with the U.S. using a bit of humor.

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What is the Decolonization of Puerto Rico?

The term decolonization as explained by Wikipedia is defined as the following:

Decolonization is the undoing of colonialism, where a nation establishes and maintains its domination over dependent territories. The Oxford English Dictionary defines decolonization as "the withdrawal from its colonies of a colonial power; the acquisition of political or economic independence by such colonies." ~Wikipedia

America’s Favorite Colony

The video also mentions how Puerto Ricans are 2nd Class Citizens even though they have served in every major war. Individuals like myself who served in the U.S. military don't have the right to choose the leaders that make decisions for us.

Why are Puerto Rican's Second Class Citizens?

  • Puerto Rican residents have No representation in Congress
  • Puerto Ricans can't vote for The US president.

Imposing what would be illegal in other U.S. Territories

  • The Gag Law
  • Bombing of Vieques
  • Conducting Birth Control Experiments
  • Jones Act

Imposing Promesa Austerity Measures

The video summarizes some of the early effects of the PROMESA Bill.

It also mentions how the wealthy and rich are buying the island for cents on the dollar.

The video closes with the following quote:

The Island you never even knew we were colonizing the shit ouf of.

They also make a mention of the other US Territories like American Samoa, US Virgin Islands, Northern Marianas, and Guam.

I wonder what would happen if all these communities exploited by the U.S. were to come together, how much we could accomplish.

In a snapshot, the video captured many of Puerto Rico's issues and it's informational entertainment; it's a bit easier to create awareness on issues that many ignore.

How familiar are you with what is going on in Puerto Rico?

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