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In Puerto Rico we have Cuca Gomez a (Optimistic Comestician) which is a character created by a locally well known comedian Otilio Warrington (better known as Bizcocho).

Cuca Gomez had a very well known phrase in spanish which was the following:


This phrase when translated (from spanish) means that She creates it, she uses it, and she also recommends it. She was consistently trying to promote imaginary products in many occasions making fun of some of the old school marketing gimmicks that where used throughout TV for real products.

After having a conversation with a good friend of mine I came to the conclusion that if Cuca Gomez’s had a blog or a twitter account her approach would get her a good following:

I Create (Yo lo Fabrico). When you create a video, article, blog post, tool, or even an creative tweet you open the door to start establishing online relationships. Once you start creating you also start sharing your interests and with time you might attract people that have the same interests as you. Once people that have the same interests as you invite you to their community and they become part of yours it is a lot easier to project a message.

I Use It (Yo Lo Uso). I see many people promoting videos, blogs, and other content which they might not even use. In Cuca’s words what she creates she puts to use. Before you  create and/or share something make sure it aligns with your values and to the expectations of your community. If it’s a tool please make sure it works I have seen how many sales people try to promote a product which they have not even used. The worst thing you want is not meeting the expectations of the people you attracted as most of them will not let you know what you did wrong.

Recommending (Yo Lo Recomiendo). Instead of promoting and broadcasting your message without communicating both ways try to recommend. However for a recommendation to be effective you need to have some sort of influence and reputation. So if you feel you don’t have enough influence and reputation work on it. When you recommend make sure you give enough space for the person to make a decision. What really makes a recommendation have some weight is when you can demonstrate that you created something, have a good understanding, and are using it to its capabilities.

What other benefits can you see in creating, using, and recommending?

Have you had the opportunity to identify any service, product, or people who follow these 3 steps and are effective?

Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments area.

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  1. BarbieLou on December 28, 2010 at 5:26 pm

    Ha,ha,ha! What a Power Trip! Brought back many memories and it is a concept that could be use in soft-selling… Very RETRO!