Connecting Value, Quality, & Price

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Some people around me love to splurge money on things I consider are not important. I see they mostly do it when it involves a sale or they think they are getting a great deal.

On occasions I hear people complain of how pricey a restaurant is. When I ask if anything went wrong the replies don’t necessarily make it a pricey restaurant under my terms.

They usually say the food was delicious, service was great, location is beautiful and secure, and they had a nice experience but the price of the plate was not attractive to them. For me a pricey restaurant is one that did not meet up to the expectations. A pricey restaurant can be a fast food that offered you one option and then gave under par food.

Making them Focus on Quality to see Value

Sometimes we get so caught up in the environment the restaurant is creating  and it makes us ignore the prices on the menu.

If you are part of the team that designed the menu, the restaurant owner, and/or manager, you have done your job at creating a great ambiance when your patrons stop focusing on pricing.

In Puerto Rico so many people focus on having discounted food. The masses sadly focus more on quantity vs. Quality. They might even spend 12 dollars for a subway sandwich that is mass-produced and then complain about a 20-dollar plate at a nice sit down restaurant serving quality organic food. They’re so focused on price and they ignore the fact of comparing different products to the same price.

At CIMA IT we have helped restaurants with their pricing strategies and menu enhancements. Where we bring the real value is finding clientele for our customers that are seeking an awesome experience and are not so focused on pricing?

Using Online To Nurture New Relationships

We help restaurants in getting tourists who are on vacation and are seeking to have a unique experience into the dining room. This is done by nurturing a healthy relationship with the patron before they step foot in the restaurant.

By setting up a website that is attractive, clean, and most importantly functional. We can entice website visitors into clicking the reserve a table button while giving them a touch of what they will experience if they visit the restaurant. Making sure the restaurant stands out from others even if the patron at the end of the visit is focused on price.

I will go into the details via my newsletter where I will share more details on restaurant strategies. If you are a restaurant owner and would like to receive this via email feel free to sign up.

By building websites or when we coach clients on how to enhance their online presence we tend to improve the results for any efforts they where running. Increasing the probability of success for any investments clients make.

Practical and Repeatable Process

By building processes that are practical and can be repeatable differentiates us from other companies giving away certain services. It also keeps clients that are being penny wise and dollar foolish away from hiring us.

Aligning Value, Quality, and Pride

Value, quality, and price sometimes might not go in hand although many might disagree.

How do you make sure that those three elements are as close as possible from each other?